Do you believe graffiti should be erased immediately (yes) or should the public decide its worthiness (no)?

  • It's vandalism, which is a crime

    What if I told you that someone wrote a large, and offensive word on a wall of your house, and you want it erased, but you couldn't, because most of the other people think it's art. You'd be very upset. The owners of property should decide what to do with it after it's vandalized, not the public.

  • Defacing the property of others is not something that the public should control.

    The stewards of their property, and the ones who care for and pay for their property, have a right to object to others defacing it without their permission. The idea that the public can decide its worthiness is to spit on property rights. Consider how such a rule could allow a community who hates minorities to deem any defacing of their property as "worthy" and thus forcing them to live under duress.

  • It is destruction of property.

    Yes, I believe graffiti should be erased immediately, rather than the public deciding its worthiness, because when a person makes graffiti they are destroying either public property or some personal person's property. Allowing it to stay for debate is to send the wrong message that graffiti is wrong and should not be allowed.

  • Graffiti is a form of art

    Some graffiti should be erased immediately. If it completely defaces public property, contains profanity or other racist or sexist language, then it should be removed. Otherwise, let the public decide if it should stay or go. Some grafitti is artistic. Art is subjective, so why not let a majority of the public decide what they like to look at.

  • No, I think that graffiti should be left up to the public to make decisions about.

    No, I do not believe in the immediate removal of graffiti. While i do think that some graffiti that is obviously problematic and tasteless should be subject to removal there is a lot of graffiti that is actually more like street art. If it has improved the artistic nature of the building I am in favor of letting the property owners and individual people handle it.

  • No, graffiti should not be erased right away without the public deciding on its worthiness.

    Not all graffiti is negative. All graffiti is a form of expression that a person or group has created. Graffiti is viewed by some as a work or art, if it is not done profanely and promotes a message that benefits society or is pleasing to the eyes. The community that the graffiti surrounds should take up a public vote for the worthiness of the graffiti. It may benefit the community to have a different work of art that the community could be proud of.

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