• Yes, if it helps our economy.

    Those immigrants who have degrees in the sciences and in math and are experienced and expert in creating and monitoring systems would be valuable additions to our society and to our economic situation. So it would be of benefit to issue Green Cards to members of these populations as they arrive in the US.

  • Green Cards should not be issued.

    Green cards should only be issued to immigrants to our country who go to through all the legal processes to attain citzenship. It should not be something we hand out as a reward for graduating in one of the most on demand job fields. Those that graduate from science, technology, engineering or mathemathics courses are likely to have lots of job offers that will allow them the chance to get a visa and then transfer up to a green card.

  • Only if they have a job.

    Green cards should be issued to foreigners who are working. Graduating from a University does not benefit our country in any way if the person chooses not to work and contribute to our society. Green cards should only be given to those who are working members of society. There should be no exceptions.

  • They should teach their own people first

    It would be nice if this country would stop always looking for the easy way out We don't like training people anymore. We rather go outside our own country to find people to fill STEM jobs. How about we teach our own people STEM. If they are having problems filling up classes, then lower the prices on the classes. If we can't find smart enough people, then it is probably they way we teach.

  • No, green cards should not be issued to STEM foreign grads.

    I do not believe that foreign STEM graduates should be issued green cards just because of the field of their studies. I think that they should deal with the same process as other students and people have to deal with. I think that it is a good way though for them to get a good reputation while getting a green card.

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