• Yes, I believe publicity has many benefits.

    I believe we are all the same except for people who are constantly under public media and attention. I believe that the media will get you money, and that if you use that attention correct you will be rich for the rest of your days. Popularity gains riches in this world.

  • Almost none though

    There are almost no reasons for people to really benefit greatly from growing up in the public eye, but it could, theoretically, have some benefits. Growing up publicly allows people a bunch of very superficial benefits, such as preferential treatment or greater opportunities that could ultimately be a mixed bag.

  • not at all

    No, I do not think that any thing good comes from growing up with all of the people in the public watching all of the moves that you make. I think that it makes you focus way to much on what the people want and what they think of you.

  • Very hard for me to see any

    I think it's a personal thing in my case. I am a very, very private person who would absolutely hate to live a public life, and so for me it is difficult to imagine any possible benefits of growing up like this. Children have sensitive personalities. There's no way they would be unaffected by the constant commotion around them - journalists, cameras, etc. It's not normal, yet it will be normalcy for them. In a way, they are messed up from the start.

  • The public eye is not a place for children

    No, I do not believe that growing up in the public eye has its benefits. The public and its issues is not a place that you can really raise a decent child. There is little to no privacy and instead of the parents raising the kids the public is directing the child life. No one should be subject to the ridicule of the public as a child or even an adult for that matter.

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