Do you believe gun laws should punish parents who do not lock up their guns?

  • There should be gun law punishing parents

    With the mass shootings that happen almost very frequently, parents should be held responsible for not securing guns at homes. Some parents may support but others may not. Those who do not support should be treated as pro killing. Charity begins at home and parents have a large part to play

  • Parents should be responsible for their children!

    Parents get away with too much stuff when it comes to these children and they are not being made to take care of their child. Many parents don't think that their children need to be looked after and that isn't true children should be raised up right knowing their boundaries. If the parents took the time out to pay their children the right amount of attention it would be easier on everyone.

  • Parents should be punished.

    Yes, I do believe that all gun laws should punish parents who do not lock up their guns. With a media that glamorizes guns and violence, children think that guns are cool and can't resist playing with them. This has led to numerous tragedies. Parents who don't lock up their guns should be punished severely.

  • Parents Should be punished for not locking up their guns.

    Parents who do not lock up their guns are beyond irresponisable and should be punished. Children often do not understand the consequences of guns, and as a result are tempted to play with them. If parents do not lock up their guns they are allowing their children to possibly harm themselves or others. This is something that happens often, and the parents irresponsibilty is a direct cause of this. Parents should not only lock up their guns, but educate their children about the guns.

  • We Need This Policy

    I believe gun laws should punish parents who do not lock up their guns. Being irresponsible with weapons in a home that has children in it, should be a punishable crime as far as I am concerned. Children are harmed by weapons every year because of this and its an issue that clearly needs to be addressed.

  • The laws do not require it.

    No, I do not believe that gun laws should punish parents who do not lock up their guns, because the laws do not require parents to lock up their knives either. Parents cannot possibly lock up everything that can possibly harm a child. Even young children know how to hunt. They can be taught responsibility.

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