• The justification for the Second Amendment no longer exists.

    Firearm ownership is a heavy responsibility. Owners should be trained and licensed. The right to own a firearm, Embodied in the Second Amendment, Applied to a society that no longer exists. It is no longer necessary to hunt to feed the family. And today the notion of groups of gun owners defending against or rebelling against federal or state forces is ludicrous.

  • Yes, I do.

    Yes, I do believe that gun ownership should be licensed like driving a car is. A gun is a tool primarily made to kill or destroy. I think that the licensed person should go through some safety training courses and that they should be evaluated to make sure that they don't have any mental health issues that would cause them to act aggressively. It only makes sense.

  • Both should be licensed for the same reasons

    Driving is licensed so that those incapable of operating cars safely are not put on the roads where they could jeopardize others. Likewise, guns should be licensed only to those that have demonstrated they understand and practice safety habits and principals to protect themselves and others from any firearms they ever own

  • Yes It Should

    I believe gun ownership comes with a lot of responsibility. I think people need to understand the importance of gun safety and I think they should be required to test on these safety measures. For that reason I think it is reasonable to assume that gun ownership should be licensed, just as driving is.

  • Gun ownership should be licensed.

    No one has any argument with the idea that a license should be required before you can own a car. The reason for driver's licenses is to make sure that the person driving knows what they're doing, since driving a car can be very dangerous. Owning a gun is much more dangerous than driving a car, therefore gun ownership should also be licensed.

  • Concealed Ownership Should be Licensed

    Concealed gun ownership should be licensed, but not gun ownership. Americans have a right to bear arms, but we still need to have background checks. Driving is a privilege because it is not specifically listed as a right in the U.S. Constitution. Gun ownership is not the same. There should be some limits to gun ownership, but obtaining a license just to buy a gun is too much.

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