Do you believe health philanthropy organizations should be more involved in research grants (yes) or preventive medicine (no)?

  • We know how to prevent it.

    Health philanthropy organizations should be more involved in research grants than preventive medicine, because we have already come a long ways in preventative medicine. There are still things like cancer and other health problems like organ failure that are more pressing than preventative medicine. We all know to eat healthy and exercise.

  • No: Health Philanthropy Should Be Involved More In Preventative Medicine

    The epidemic of obesity in developed nations is a sad testament to the quality of preventative medicine. Health care costs would go down if more attention was paid to preventing the onset of disease. Preventative medicine is what needs to be emphasized, but the method of addressing this issue will have to explore new ground. People know that they are not eating well and not exercising. The problem is the sick foundations of a cultural paradigm that is both unhealthy for people and the planet. The kind of preventative medicine that would work on a social scale would transform more than knowledge of nutrition, and would shift the way we relate to each other and the planet.

  • Preventitive is the way to go

    I believe that health philanthropy organizations should be focusing all of their time on preventive medicine and find ways to help people cope before something bad happens. I think that a way to be more proactive instead of reactive is the way to go for the future of medicine, and can save money.

  • More Preventive Medicine

    I believe health philanthropy organizations should help both with research grants and preventive medicine, but the majority of the focus should be on providing care. There are people who have not been able to get basic care and those people should receive attention first, not advances for a small population.

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