Do you believe health philanthropy should be increased (yes) or decreased (no)?

  • It needs increasing

    Healthy Philanthropy needs to be greatly increased everywhere. Why should some people have to go without being treated. Everyone has the right to have healthcare and one shouldn't have to go without being treated with a disease. There are people who want to eat but they can't because there is no cure for Gastroparesis no research and no cures known to human kind as of right now.

  • Philanthropy should be increased.

    Philanthropy is an important way for the rich to help society. Unfortunately, there are many groups of people all over the world who go without because of poverty. The extremely wealthy have a moral responsibility to use their money to help the poor. The people who have benefited the most from our country should give something back.

  • There is a need.

    I believe that health philanthropy should be increased, because there are so many good things that we can still do when it comes to medical missions. There are so few people that we are able to actually reach with our medical missions. There are children who need surgeries that cannot afford it.

  • From Within The Health Care Industry

    I believe health philanthropy should increase from within the health care community. I believe the people in that industry focused on making big bucks need to get out. We need health care providers who are interested in providing services to better society, not drain them of their money. The health care industry shouldn't be focused on profit and all providers should be ready to offer free services as well.

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