• We use our sense of hearing more than we know

    As Helen Keller said who was both blind and deaf "Blindness cuts you off from things. But deafness cuts you off from people." We interact with people on a daily basis, as humans we are social creatures without this socialising we go insane. We hear things all the time even when we don't notice it, we are always hearing footsteps, birds, the wind, talk of people in the distance. Without hearing we would be completely cut off from society.

  • Hearing is a more important sense

    Hearing empowers us and enriches our lives. Hearing enables us to socialise, work, interact, communicate and even relax. Good hearing also helps to keep us safe, warning us of potential danger or alerting us to someone else’s distress. I feel that life would be much harder for someone if they were deaf.

  • Yes, I believe hearing is more important.

    While all of our senses are very important, I feel that being able to hear is very important. People who are deaf have their own culture and do well, but when someone is born deaf, there are so many decisions parents must make. Should the child learn to speak? Lip read? Sign? A combination? Whereas when someone is born blind, that is a hindrance, of course, but there aren't similar questions about which culture the blind person will be in. So I feel from the standpoint of making decisions, it would be more difficult to be deaf.

  • No, vision is more important.

    I think vision is more important than hearing. I think that there are a lot of ways that somebody who cannot hear can live a comfortable life in today's society. They can communicate via sign language. And they can still enjoy movies by reading subtitles. Plus, it is not as dangerous for them to walk around in public.

  • Vision is the most-used function

    I believe that hearing is the most important function, as it is the one that is most relied upon throughout the day. Although the loss of any sense is a tragedy, the loss of vision would rule out many more opportunities than the loss of hearing, and would be harder to compensate for.

  • Vision is the window.

    I believe that vision is more important than hearing, because a person that cannot hear can still communicate by writing. Vision is so much about perception and it is a window into the soul. Vision is the ability to see art. Hearing is also helpful, but given one or the other, I would preserve my sight.

  • No, vision is more important.

    It would be terrible to not be able to hear, but vision is what I use most of the time for entertainment in my life. I can't see my computer or my phone. I wouldn't be able to see my family or the world around me. Vision is more important due to how much we use sight everyday just to get around. You can get around without hearing.

  • Both are important

    Hearing is the most basic sense some animal
    Completely depend on their hearing for survival e.g. bats;
    Vision is most evolved sense in humans and humans highly depend on vision to perceive the external world a born deaf person faces more challenges than a born blind person , because humans mostly cummunicate through speach

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