Do you believe heroin addiction to be a large-scale and major problem in the United States?

  • Yes, heroin addiction is a HUGE problem in the U.S.

    As an EMT, I see and hear what happens to the people who become dependent upon heroin. The scariest part about heroin, is how easy it is for people to overdose. Currently in my area, there are at least 4-5 heroin overdoses every week. Maybe it's just a bad batch, but it has definitely caused many people to be very close to death.

  • Yes, it is a big problem

    Heroin addiction is a huge problem in this country. Many people do not see the devastation it is causing in lives. Heroin is a relatively cheap and accessible drug that has a very high level of addiction and death. We need to focus specifically on helping people get off the drug.

  • Yes, heroin addiction is a major large-scale problem in the United States.

    Heroin is an addictive drug that has been used by more and more people in recent years. As a result of heroin use, people have lost their jobs, broken up their families and even died. Left unchecked, heroin use will continue to spread, and the problems associated with heroin addiction will grow as well. Action must be taken to address the problem of heroin addiction in the United States before it is too late.

  • Depths of Heroin: US sets record high for opioid abuse

    From 2002 to 2013, heroin dependence and abuse in the United States increased 90 percent and the rate of fatal overdoses has quadrupled since 2000, according to Centers for Disease Control (CDC). Moreover, the number of Americans who said they’d used the drug in the last year went up by 65 percent; that means more than half a million people in the U.S. have at one time taken heroin.

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