• Secretary Should be Held Accountable

    The HHS Secretary should lose her job over the poor health care exchange rollout because it was a total disaster. The Secretary, along with the President, spent years talking about and encouraging people to sign up for Obamacare and when it is finally available to the public, people have trouble with the website. The Secretary deceived the general public.

  • She is only a person

    She was not in charge of the Technical aspects of the Healthcare website. The developers, programmers, and the technical people should be held accountable. They didn't expect the overhaul of the system the way it was. They were not prepared they didn't have enough servers for this website and anything would crash even facebook would crash with that many people attacking it at once.

  • Not a big deal

    No, I do not think that she will lose her job over the health care problem. She is still a great political person to have in office, and this is a small issued if you look at all that she has accomplished while she has been in office. She usually does a very good job.

  • No She Shouldn't

    I do not believe Kathleen Sebelius should lose her job over the poor health care exchange roll out. I believe what happened was beyond any one persons control, especially hers. I believe the firm that was hired for the web-site should not be paid or they should pay all of the funds back.

  • Just falling on a sword

    People want to look at the secretary and blame her because they like Obama and still want someone they don't know to blame, but it would really just be her falling on her sword. In reality, the problem with the health care site and legislation is systemic, and everyone's fault.

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