• Hillary Clinton is dishonest

    Hillary Clinton is as dishonest as the day is long. She is the epitome of denial and saying anything to advance her own cause. She will lie and be deceitful in her quest to achieve political ambitions. What is probably even scarier are the numbers of people who are willing to overlook it in their support of her. I fear for our country.

  • Yes she is

    She is extremely dishonest and the reasons why it is different from other politicians is because she is running for president of the United States. Also she doesn't even try to be truthful or caring. This is shown from Benghazi to her Emails and to her Wall street speeches that she has refused to show the transcripts. The reason for that is because she is saying how she is going to take on wall street and big banks. She says she advocates for the poor and middle class when she is worth millions of dollars. How can she be trusted?

  • Hillary Clinton is not dishonest

    Hillary Clinton is not dishonest. Many of the accusations against her come from her political enemies. This includes Republicans and the right wing media. Going back to when her husband ran for president, the Whitewater issue involved a deal in which they lost money. The credibility of the claims needs to be investigated.

  • She's a typical politician

    I don't believe that Clinton is a blatant liar, but I know that she is typical of what you see in politics. She will say what she thinks people want to hear, but phrase it in a way that doesn't make a liar out of her in the long run. She has actually mastered this art. I would call her somewhat deceptive rather than dishonest.

  • She's not any more dishonest than every other politician.

    Let's face it. Politicians in general are dishonest people. They make a lot of promises based on what will get them elected, not based on facts. Hillary Clinton is no different. I believe her to be an honorable person, even though she has been involved in quite a few scandals.

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