• Yes I do.

    I do believe homeopathic remedies breed a distrust in actual medicine. On the off chance that one of these methods actually work and cure a disease, I makes it so the person who was cured and the people that they know think homeopathic is the way to go a actual medicine is a lie.

  • Homeopathic cures should be researched more.

    Homeopathic remedies breed a distrust in actual medicine because actual medicine can fail and homeopathic remedies can succeed. There is no 100% sure scientific cure for 100% of cases. There are always cases that are cured on an alternative basis. People should not fear these remedies but spend time researching them.

  • You should try everything.

    No, I do not think that homeopathic remedies breed a distrust in actual medicine, because it is important that a person be open to all kinds of treatment available to them. Just because a homeopathic remedy might be preferred, does not mean that a person distrusts western medicine by using the homeopathic remedy when it is available.

  • Only among the deeply stupid.

    Since only a complete idiot would trust homeopathic remedies, they're also the only people who would therefore have a distrust of actual medicine. And seriously, with those thought patterns you're never going to get them to think logically about it. If alternative medical treatments worked, they would just be called medical treatments.

  • They Don't Work

    I do not believe homeopathic remedies breed a distrust in actual medicine. Homeopathic medicines never work because they aren't real medicine. I do not believe people lose faith in actual medicine because of these products. I don't think all people realize they are fake but it doesn't make the question every other medicine.

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