• No, Honesty and Politeness are not always Synonymous

    Honesty is about the truth, politeness is about feelings. Truth cans sometimes hurt, no matter how polite you may be. If a woman you love asks you if her dress makes her look fat, you dont say yes! You be polite, and says it looks wonderful. She wasnt asking for the truth that you saw bu twhat she wanted to hear

  • No , but u doen't have, to be rude to be honest

    Honesty and politeness are not always synonymous , but hurtful truth can be told in a polite way , saying your opinion on a subject honestly but politely , can be seen and taken differently in many perspectives . But if any person is trying to be polite , more than having to speak up his/hear mind , he will drop some of his statements , in the sake of not hurting feelings ...

  • Not at all

    No, honesty and politeness are not always synonyms. A lot of times if you say something honest, they you are going to hurt someones feelings, and if you say something that is polite, you might have to break away from honesty and tell a little lie to be nice to them.

  • No, honesty and politeness are not always synonymous.

    I think that there isn't always a correlation between politeness and honesty. Some people who appear to be polite, aren't always honest and vice-versa. A lot of the times, people who are polite, may use it as a means to hide their dishonest ways. I think people should not confuse the two acts of behavior.

  • Sometimes being dishonest is the only way to be polite

    There are certainly times when you should not lie and should be strictly honest. One example is if you are called to testify in court, for instance. But is it really necessary to tell your hostess that you think the dinner she just cooked for you was disgusting? No. In such situations, your gratitude should motivate you to be gracious and lie. It would be utterly impolite to tell the truth. There are many examples of this in life. As long as you are not hurting anyone, it's best to be kind and polite whenever possible, even if it means you have to lie.

  • No, there are polite lies and hurtful truths.

    No, honesty and politeness are not always synonymous. Anyone who has told a "little white lie" understands this quite well. For example, it's much more polite to tell a host that you're not hungry than to admit that the food looks and smells appalling. On the other hand, truth can be a bitterly sharp knife when applied to subjects about which one might be sensitive. Just ask any husband who has honestly answered his wife when asked, "Do I look fat in this dress?"

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