• What human rights?

    When looking at this we have to look at how controlled we have become as Americans. In contrast all other countries have the same possiblities to infringe on human rights but choose not to in most cases. In america we are in fear of our judicial system because we live in police states. No matter what rights you have the government dictates what the poor do so equality is established by how much money you have. The only rightss you have are the ones you can pay for.

  • Far from it.

    For one thing, You will find the world is actually more racist than America in many places. It have have been different in the past. But not now.

    In the Islamic world, Gays frequently are killed for their mere crime. Women can't drive, Non-Muslims can't be left alone. You name it.

    And no, @Repukesaretheworst. Abortion is not a human right.

  • United States Declaration is bulit for human rights

    The US has always been a strong advocate for human rights stressing the notion that the individual is important. That has never changed even though there may be some isolated incidents here and there. Other countries don't always provide as much freedom to their citizens, so I can't say the US is worst than anyone else.

  • The US is a pioneer in human rights

    The United States has made many sacrifices in order to intervene on human rights violations. The United States does not just limit this action to its own citizens, but takes steps to ensure its legal immigrants are safe from persecution. Even beyond its borders, the United States has intervene militarily to stop human rights atrocities all over Africa, Nazi Germany, the Middle East, and Asia. You would be hard pressed to find another country that has done so much in the name of human rights.

  • We do much better.

    Yes, I believe that human rights are mismanaged by the United States when compared to other countries, because the Untied States has far more respect for human rights than most other nations. If you steal, we do not cut your hands off. If you commit adultery, you are not stoned. We are much better for human rights than others.

  • No, I do not.

    The united States has a reputation of being harsh on human rights and unfair to other people. But what these people don't realize is that the people of the United States, on average, a friendly and welcoming to all. The same goes for our government and the opportunities that everyone has.

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