• The Earth has lost half its animals already

    Ecosystems and animals that have taken millions of years to evolve are dissapearing faster than at anytime since a giant meteorite hit the Earth destroying the dinosaurs. We are a plague. We could control our population but we are too disorganised and stubborn and generally only change our behaviour when its too late.

  • Those who disagree have provided zero supporting evidence.

    If you are convinced that Humans are NOT like a virus, these please support your conviction with some evidence? All I see is "No we are not" and "How can you think that?" Blah blah blah.

    However, from this side I see good evidence presented that supports Humans as virus-like.

  • Humans bring nothing positive to the planet.

    All we do is cause destruction. It's because of either one of two reasons, people are not informed of the damage they are doing to the planet or they just don't care and sadly it's both. People need a real awakening. I really hope one day to be that awakening we all need.

  • Yes we are

    Yes, humans are not doing anything but damage to this planet. We are killing off all of the other species, and doing things to the environment that are going to one day ruin the planet so that there is nothing left of it for us to even live on safely.

  • Yes, humans are a virus to the planet Earth.

    If you were to think about it, humans do not benefit the Earth in any way. The only thing humans do are take and exploit the natural resources of the planet for our own benefit. It cannot be argued that humans are making the planet healthier. That is why humans can be considered a virus.

  • The bug of the world

    Simple logic, we destroy everything around us in order to create a unnatural habitat to live in. We consume all that is good and natural and spew toxic waste back into the environment. All other species on this plane live in balance with nature except us, that's not natural. We always end up destroying what be inhabit and what we create, that shows we are not in possession of a Devine spark. We failed gods test and there will be a reaping of our miserable souls, that is the least we deserve for our infectious selves.

  • Human behaviour matches that of a parasite, or virus.

    Humans start, multiply, populate a space, use up its resources, and either the host kills us or we kill the host. By trying to make earth last longer, (with renewable energy) we are making its death come closer. Humanity has no reason to live, and we should not exist. Our only purpose is to destroy each other and our surroundings, believing that we are doing it for a better cause.

  • We are killers

    We plotet and kill thousand of live thing we kill if we dont know so now we need to kill us on them THAT IS WHAT WAR is so do you think we need to start war 3 on us tell me how many more killer need to kill ?

  • Fuck humans (everyone, including myself)

    We haven't done any good but to ourselfs. We might fix things but that's only our own mistakes and we don't solve all of them but make more problems.
    Our race is just so self focused (I'm obviously talking about in general), we literally fkng pay too watch animals sit in cages on zoos. Their argument is then "but we saved them" yes but that doesnt make humans good since we were the once that put the animals in that situation.
    No I'm not vegan, I'm just a 15 year old boy that literally wants to just destroy every human including myself and just let nature recover from this cancerous race.

  • The Human Locust

    We allow for those without financial stability to procreate, with very little regulation on producing children. This in turn creates an ever increasing strain on our fragile habitat or society. As we continue to consume more resources we'll be seeing an influx of conflicts between villages, towns, cities, counties, states, and countries over those dwindling resources.

  • Viruses are nonliving things

    While it is true that humans have taken advantage of earth's resources, we cannot possibly be a virus due to the simple requirement that virus's need to be non-living. It is a metaphor for the way that we treat our planet, but not something to be taken as actual fact.

  • The Earth's Cycle

    Those who are bringing up the comment about "We created Global Warming" haven't researched the earth's cycles. Just compare the earth to what it's been like for thousands of years and you will SEE that the earth goes through phases of different temperatures, amounts of water vs. Land... etc. It's all a natural part of the earth that MOST people are ignorant about. Look it up.

  • Motive of the species.

    I've never seen a virus create a preserve so that it could play there one day with their grandchildren. Humans on average create more than we destroy. Also, thinking of humans as purely an earthly creature will one day be a very primitive idea. We do a lot for other species, both plant and animal, that a pure virus otherwise would have taken no concern with preserving or enhancing its existence.

  • No, it's insane to call humans a virus

    I couldn't disagree more strongly with the statement that humans are like a virus to the planet Earth. I can't understand how any rational person could believe that. Human beings have a spark of divinity in us. We reason, we feel, we create. We're capable of magnificent achievement and heartbreaking beauty.

    I knew a smart young woman who went off to college -- Reed College in Oregon -- and came back telling me that we should cancel the space program because humans were like a virus and we should be restricted to our own planet. I said to her, "You should contact the president of your college and ask if you can get your money back, because they've filled your head with a bunch of nonsense."

  • We're screwing ourselves over, if anything

    We'll die out before the earth does. Our actions on this planet will not doom the planet; You can see in abandoned cities the growth of the plants, through everything that was once considered "pollution". We're part of the whole sphere of things; the Circle of Life, if you will. If you believe in evolution, then evolution created us the way we are FOR A REASON, just as it created everything else the way it is. If you believe in God, then He also put us here for a reason, to look after the earth. We were not designed to be viruses.

  • This is a stupid question asked by the uniformed.

    The real question is how to survive your planet being ground into plasma. Think long and hard on this counter-question before you respond. Why would this question be used to counter such a question? It will save me time explaining what should be self-evident. If you cannot figure it out, read the works of H. P. Lovecraft. It might help to get some different perspective.

  • This is a stupid question.

    This question can only be asked by someone who has never read anything on Nihilism. In truth such concepts are without much merit. If you can't justify your existence to H. P. Lovecraft or Nietzsche than you probably don't deserve to take food away from someone who can.

    Science seems to support the ideas of Nihilism. You might want to start asking real questions. Like how are we going to escape the doom that we are heading towards.

  • No, I do not think that humans are like a virus to the earth

    I think that humans were meant to be on earth and that they are not a virus to the earth. We were meant to inhabit the area that we live in for a certain purpose. I do not think that this purpose was to be a virus to the planet.

  • We are part of earth's ecology!

    Regardless of how anyone believes we came to inhabit earth, we're here....Forever. Yes, I believe we should be more conscientious of keeping the planet clean and pollution-free for the current and future humans, but I do not believe we're a virus. If we are, we're a virus that is meant to be a part of earth. Why do we have to punish each other for "living"???? Life is a journey and a learning experience. Hopefully one day we will have a majority consensus to have more respect for our environment so that we don't have to breathe smog and walk through trash, but we are part of the cycle and the earth will be around for millenia, even if humans destroy themselves.

  • No humans are not a virus to the Earth. More like parasites on the Earth.

    Although we could be considered damaging to the earth's environment and other living things, we are not a "virus to the earth". With time a Virus incapacitates or kills the host. The earth has survived far greater disasters than the human being. She was here before we came, she'll be here, replenished, when we are long long gone. Global warming is a natural occurence, the caps will melt, sea levels will rise, and that would happen with or without humans. The problem is we think we are greater than we are, as if the world's future depended on us. Lol imagine that, silly humans.

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