• Yes, humans are super-deterministic.

    Humans possess the need to always strive for something greater. And there are some among us who carry the skills to do so and the determination to fight for it. I think that without the super-determined among us, mankind would not have created some of the great things in society.

  • No They Aren't

    I do not believe humans are super-deterministic. I believe humans have free will and can make choices as they please. I believe what we see and do is perfect proof of that. I believe the decisions I make in my head determine what I am doing, not some predetermined set of events.

  • As a rule, they are not.

    Humans are not super-deterministic as a whole. Some might be, but not most of them. Many people are just happy to float along in life without having specific goals to carry them to their chosen destinations. A few people, who are determined to succeed at all costs, will map out many ways to get to their goals.

  • I do not believe that humans are super-deterministic.

    I do not believe that humans are super-deterministic. Being super-deterministic means that you do not have free will, or the ability to make decisions. Human beings do have free will and they do make decisions which cannot be determined based on any pattern of former behavior. Human beings have the characteristic of freedom in nature.

  • Super-determinism is the inverse of human.

    Humans are not capable of being super-deterministic. The idea that a human lacks any sense of free will, that they are set on a path from inception to death is without evidence. Accordingly the very idea is at best a hypothesis, and thanks to the very nature of super-determinism's approach to's pointless to even test whether humans are super-deterministic because of the immediate implication of a circular argument.

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