• Actual data backs it it

    Look at google search analytics and you can see sell my soul to the devil is pretty high.
    Then there was a survey done and you can see the youth are willing to leave and abandon their family to be famous.
    Then go to every doctor and attorney school and real estate and ask how willing they are to be number 1.
    Point is there are a lot of sell outs who are looking for buyers,

  • Many humans have sold their souls for economic gain

    Many humans have sold their souls for economic gain in our country today. We have seen so many corporate greedy people who will walk or do whatever is necessary in the name of profit. So many citizens have suffered at the hands of corporate greedy bankers, CEO's, and other people who have invested their entire future to make more money. One could say they have even sold their souls.

  • Yes, some have.

    I believe some humans have sold their souls for economic gain at any cost. We call these people Republicans. Seriously though, there are some people on this planet who care about more in life than money and there are some people who will sacrifice anything to get money. We just have very different people living on this planet.

  • It doesn't happen that often.

    I'm generally not a fan of blanket statements, and this one is no exception. While some humans may have "sold their souls" for economic gain, the vast majority have not. Despite our modern day cynicism, I still believe that most humans are basically honest and good people. We just have to avoid the soul sellers.

  • No, not anymore at least

    I think right now there is a trend among our youth in which they are not as concerned about economic wealth as their parents were. In the past, I believe people would do almost anything in order to obtain economic status, but not as much anymore. This, however, could change in the near future.

  • Goverments have sold their souls

    Don't mistake me here. I'm not an anarchist or even a libertarian, but government constructs our society and gives us a modality on which we have to live to survive. That's why people need and want economic gain; not because they're greedy, but because it's their only choice in the matter.

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