• Yes we should

    Yes, this would be a great way to see how the human race evolved and to see how we are more advanced than they were. We will be able to see how smart they really were and how we are now changed for the better, to see how we will keep changeing.

  • Do not clone

    Humans should not revive and clone neanderthals. It is very dangerous when people want to play God and try to create life. This should be left in the hands of God. Cloning is a very controversial topic and hardly anyone except the scientific community is for the cloning of humans.

  • It would be fun.

    Yes, I believe that humans should revive and clone Neanderthals, because it would be fun to study them It would be like walking into a time machine. We could study how they live, and we could learn from them. It would be an amazing feat of science, and something that would amaze and excite humans today about the world of the past.

  • Is everyone ignorant? Or just stupid?

    Morals and ethics. I saw a post saying "It would be fun" and I am appalled. How would these neanderthals be integrated into human society? Would they receive human rights? Would they be treated as test subjects, inhumanely, or would they be allowed freedom to live as they want? The questions are never-ending.

  • There is no need to clone neanderthals.

    The amount of scientific knowledge gained from cloning a Neanderthal is not worth creating a person just for the sake of science. That person would be poked and prodded for the rest of its existence. Then, scientists will say that they need to do it again to see what it does when they do something different. It becomes an endless barrage of clones that eventually will rise up against us and then become jetpack wearing bounty hunters for the empire.

  • No to reviving and cloning Neanderthals

    Why in the world would we even consider reviving and cloning Neanderthals? A bizarre question. Although it seems we homo sapiens are descendants, they are extinct. Personally, I don't envision myself entertaining Fred Flintstone or Barney Rubble over cocktails at my dinner table any time soon. Regardless, I suppose the avant garde scientific community and, perhaps liberals, could find some ridiculous reason and perhaps even secure the funding for such an undertaking. As for me, I say "no" to reviving and cloning Neanderthals.

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