• Yes, I believe humans were intended to eat meat?

    The physiological structure of the human body leads to the conclusion that humans are intended to have some meat in their diet. However, in some countries around the globe, the human population would appear to be eating more meat than is intended or necessary for the proper functioning of the body.

  • Humans were intended to eat meat.

    It's very easy to see whether a given species was intended to eat meat by examining their digestive processes. Those animals who are carnivores process food differently than do herbivores. Herbivores in fact aren't able to digest meat at all. Because humans are able to digest meat, it's clear that we were intended to eat it.

  • Humans were intended to eat what they could find.

    Humans are scavengers by nature. Our development has given us molars to crush vegetables and leaves, and incisors with canines for tearing flesh. This alone is proof that people have evolved to adapt to the environment they are in. There are records of cultures that were specifically herbivore, and many more that were strictly carnivore. More proof that we were made to be carnivores is our biped nature, but not with the intention of speed. Humans evolved to be able to run farther, not faster. The ability to keep a steady pace after an animal until it runs out of energy is what hunter/gatherers relied on before the invention of projectiles. Follow the prey until it gave up. Humans are stubborn like that.

  • Yes I Do

    I do believe humans were intended to eat meat. I think we are part of the food chain just like every other animal on this planet, we just happen to be at the top. I believe a human can obtain a healthy diet by including meat in their meals on regular basis.

  • Humans are Omnivores

    Humans are omnivores because of the types of teeth they have. However, a vegan diet is healthier based upon current nutrition science. Animals consume veggies and process them into different nutrients. It's better to eat vegetable matter because your nutrition comes partially from the sun as opposed to from a creature that ate something made partially from sunlight.

  • Who is "intending"?

    If the question was is it healthy for humans to eat meat it would be a meaningful question but before we can answer if humans are intended to eat meat first we have to ask who is doing the intending. God? Zeus? The Universe? Before that question is answered how do we know humans are intended to do anything? I'm not saying there couldn't be a God but that's not proven.

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