• Yes, I do.

    I think eventually there actually will be sigularity between machine and man. Not like the cyborgs that we have seen in the futuristic movies of the 70s and 80s and 90s, but nanobots and genetic modifications that make us able to do calculations like a computer without much trouble. And it would be beneficial.

  • Humans Will Be Able To Make Calculatiobs

    I personally think that He pointed out the complexities of protein folding, protein-protein interactions, cell to cell interactions, and all the other molecular biology systems that are likely necessary to the development of the human mind/brain. Scientists are currently struggling with understanding each of these systems, and modeling any of them is likely to require huge amounts of programming and processing power.

  • If We Live Long Enough

    I guess if we live long enough anything will be possible. We were smart enough to make computers in the first place, but it just came in increments. I imagine the more we evolve, the bigger are brains are going to get or even more efficient. Allowing us to make calculations like a computer. That is if we do not kill the planet first.

  • No: Humans Will Not Be Able To Make Computer Like Calculations

    Through brain machine interfaces, it may be possible in theory for humans to make computer like calculations. However, it is likely that civilization will break down before such technology arises. The larger question is, if humans were able to make these types of calculations, by melding with their technology, would they even be human any more?

  • No, because technology grows faster than humans.

    The rate of growth for technology in today's world is exponential. The farther we progress into the scene of growth and expansion with technology, the more advanced technology will become, and the faster it will become advanced. It is bound to always be smarter than its creator because it can store so much info.

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