• Yes, Roma people are treated poorly by Hungary

    The Hungarian government routinely pushes Roma communities to migrate into neighboring areas. Roma communities need to be better integrated and welcomed into the general society so that officials can address individual crimes as they occur instead of broadly sweeping large groups of people into other areas. Over time, the process will reduce discrimination.

  • you believe Hungary

    Countries passed laws to suppress their culture and keep them out of the mainstream -- and sometimes went much further. Roma were enslaved in Hungary and Romania in the 15th century and targeted for extermination by Nazi Germany 500 years later.Estimates of Romania deaths in the Holocaust range from 25% to 70% of the Roma population in Europe.

  • Yes, the news proves it.

    The violence and discrimination against the Roma people in Hungary is crazy. There is no reason for this discrimination. The Roma people have done nothing wrong, and by that account this is through definition discrimination. Similar to the horrid Holocaust, this is extreme discrimination with violence and eviction every single day.

  • Roma are Asian immigrants

    Roma are Asian immigrants they have nothing in common with European Europeans never liked their nomadic lifestyle,they are welcome anytime to go back to India Hindustan Punjab ! Nobody will miss them in my beloved Europe ! You can be sure of that.Look at the reputation of Roma in Europe.

  • Hungary Against Roma People

    I personally think that Hungary has not discriminated against the Roma people because it is in central Europe and the two countries have worked together even though at first they did not get along but over time they got along pretty well. I personally think that Hungary has not discriminated.

  • It Is Doubtful

    I do not believe Hungary has directly discriminated against the Roma people. I believe the Roma people have made assimilation into the culture difficult for themselves and I do not think countries should bare the brunt of this blame. I believe it is best to maintain status quo and keep working on it, rather than blaming governments for the failure.

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