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  • Yes, I believe if we ran out of oil tomorrow the world would be able to cope with it.

    Humans can quickly adapt to any situation, while there may have been initial panic over the sudden disappearance of oil I think overall you would see a rush into developing alternative energy sources as quickly as possible, when humans put their mind to it they can accomplish some incredible things in quick periods of time.

  • No oil equals no food

    To survive people need water and food. The western world, in particular, would find it very difficult to adapt as the majority live in over populated cities - we are used to running to a shop and turning on a tap. Many no longer have skills to grow or hunt for food and many countries are also supporting an ageing population. I imagine many do not have long term stores of food in their homes. Look what happens right now when there is a small environmental disaster eg hurricane Katrina. Look at how long it took to get organised and how bad security was as a minority took advantage re looting. The majority of food is created by large agricultural business using oil driven machinery and then transported for distribution - imagine this stopping or suddenly becoming very expensive (a lot of food production is also subsidised and people already complain it is too expensive). If oil production stopped tomorrow the economic implications are massive. Many could no longer get to work and without oil how do we create/build non-oil alternative forms of energy and make them available. Scary stuff.

  • No, if the world ran out of oil, it would be a disaster.

    If the world ran out of oil tomorrow, there would be a major disaster everywhere. I do not think it is even possible for the world to cope if such an event happened. All of the world's infrastructure and way of life heavily depends on the use of oil and products.

  • If we ran out of oil, the world would not be able to cope.

    No, if the world ran out of oil tomorrow, we would not be able to cope. So many people on this planet consume oil based products on a daily basis. People are not prepared to replace oil with an alternative that quickly, otherwise we would likely be doing that already.

  • Everyone would freak out

    I think running out of oil would be the equivalent to running out of water. Even though, we would be able to survive without oil. People would just loose their mind. There would be some pretty devastating affects. Some people would not be able to heat their homes anymore. A lot and I mean a lot of manufacturing plants would have to close down, as plastic has oil in it. It would be devastating, but we could make it through it.

  • not at all

    no, most of the people in the world would freak if we were to run out of oil tommorrow. i think that it would be a huge deal, and that it would be something that would bring a whole lot of people down to the ends of their lives here.

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