• We can decrease the number of illegal immigrants.

    I)We can decrease the number of people illegally crossing borders.
    -Tried everything so far (gave all illegal immigrants in the US legal residency, strengthened border patrols, increased punishment), but none of them worked.
    -Need to look at the root cause of the problem, the source country.
    -Best way to decrease illegal immigrants is to cooperate with the home countries of the immigrants (share information, border controls, citizen awareness.)
    -It is hard for these countries to look favourably upon us and collaborate when their citizens are being abused by employers and our government is doing nothing about it.
    -Status Quote: We will better our relationship with these countries by ensuring better treatment and less abuse, which will lead to less illegal immigrants.
    Ii) We can crack down smuggling.
    - Sophisticated, organized, crimes that are used to bring illegal immigrants along with guns, drugs, and other illegal products.
    - Hard to crack down because there is rarely strong evidence to put up a good case.
    -What we need the most to arrest human smugglers is human evidence.
    -Status Quote: Nobody has an incentive to be a witness in court or provide any information, when we say that we will deport you even if you are cooperative.
    -They feel that they are victims too, and that they gain no benefits from this.

  • They should be deported

    If we granted amnesty for them, the crime rate would increase, we would have overpopulation, and they have broken the law. The answer is very simple. Although they may have been harmed if they were to stay in their country, that is no reason to allow them to come into our country illegally. And, if we were to allow them to continuously come into our country, our countries population would double in the next century. DOUBLE. We cannot allow this to happen. Not to mention that people crossing over the border illegally are bringing in crime, drugs and so much more that our country should not have. Allowing them to stay here is saying that it is okay for them to come into our country illegally. At that point, we might as well welcome them into our country. This needs to stop now. All illegal immigrants should be deported, along with their children.

  • Kick them all out

    That includes their kids born here.

    They are disease riddled, uneducated, unpatriotic democrat votes.

    They don't provide innovations. They provide poverty and less quality of life. They produce far too many of their own offspring who are just as unsophisticated as their parents. They are a nuisance to society and will lead to destruction of our country. They contradict what stands for a country. Borders, language, and culture .

  • Illegal immigrants should not recieve amnesty.

    The bottom line in this argument is that they are here illegally. Regardless of their personal situation, that is the main issue. These illegal immigrants should be punished by United States law. For example if an immigrant is under duress and enters in the United States, they should not be held in contempt for their actions. They should be directed to the proper system to make their immigration legal.

  • No, illegal immigrants should not receive amnesty.

    In this country we have set up a legal system of immigration. There are rules and regulations that allow us to control exactly who we allow into this country. Some immigrants choose to ignore these rules. They enter the country illegally. This is a crime. These criminals have already demonstrated that they have no intention of being law-abiding citizens. They will not play by the rules. They do not deserve the benefits of being an American citizen. They should be deported.

  • No amnesty for illegal immigrants

    I do not believe that illegal immigrants in the United States should receive amnesty. I honestly can't even imagine the reason why they should receive it. Why should people who are entering this Country illegally be rewarded anything? It doesn't make sense. Illegal immigrants are not helping this Country, but instead, are hurting it.

  • Illegal Immigrants should not be granted amnesty.

    Illegal immigrants of the United States should not receive amnesty. Illegal immigrants are entering our country and staying illegally, they should not be given a free legal ride for breaking the law. In the United States we have enough of our own suffering, homeless and hungry we should be taking care of our own before we allow someone hear illegally to receive benefits and amnesty.

  • No, illegal immigrants in America should not receive amnesty.

    I do not believe that illegal immigrants in America should receive amnesty. They are all criminals. And breaking the law should result in some forrm of punishment and not amnesty. I think that all illegal immigrants should be deported back since they broke the laws of the United States of America.

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