• We live in a world full of prejudices, we make value judgments, without knowing the deepest.

    The human being, still has hope, still has time to change for better people, we still have time to learn not to judge people without knowing them, we need to learn to know the person without creating the opinions of a person without the least knowing how they are on the inside, we have to stop judging people, how often we lose a great friendship, because of the theories we create of the other person without having a minimum of having a conversation with the person, sometimes we lose a great love, because of the our own judgments, we sometimes invent in our head that the person who has committed a mistake for the person means that it is what it is, but in fact it is totally the opposite.

  • A world without prehudice would be a world without people

    ...And there is not much else to say about it, people will be people no matter how politically correct society may become. The problem is that people's brains are constructed to be prejudiced because to make an unbiased judgement on everything and everyone would take so much time and effort that we would no longer have the time to do anything else such as eating, sleeping, and all those other timeconsuming pesky things that we are forced to do to keep ourselves from dropping dead in the street. To expect for the world to become free of prejudice to expect the physically impossible.

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