• Yes I do

    I am a strong believer in God and in Heaven. The majority of the worlds population also believe in this. The amazing conscious mind is more than a coincidence and it is too strong to disappear after death.

    The body is like a radio, if you break the radio you will not be able to hear the sound waves, but it does not mean that they cease to exist. The same goes for the soul, it is just the receiver (body) that is broken, the soul is still in tact.

  • There is a heaven

    There are many NDEs that describe heaven, confirming what all religions have declared throughout history. The main wonder of heaven we can all be sure about is the incredible feeling of love and lightness of heart. The soul is finally free from the shackles of this life. I'm certain of going there one day.

  • Sweet Rewards In Heaven

    Having been born, and raised a Christian, I absolutely do believe in heaven. I believe that when Jesus suffered and died at his crucifixion he made it possible that after this life on earth for me is through, I will be reunited with family members in a place of great beauty, peace, and love.

  • Of course not.

    There is not a shred of credible evidence that "heaven" or "hell" or any gods exist. "Heaven" is a primitive belief necessary for people afraid of death, so they can reassure themselves that they get to live forever and ever in a magical fairyland.

    Honestly the concept is so bizarre I don't understand how anyone believes it.

  • Heaven does not exist

    There has been no evidence supporting the existence of heaven. It is possible that something happens after death, but it is currently impossible for humans to know. Considering that heaven is a human invention, odds are it is not what happens when we die. Heaven is simply a tool that helps us cope with the fear of death.

  • No, I don't

    I'm fully accepting of the fact that I may be wrong, it's possible. There's nothing that indicates to me that there is a heaven or any kind of afterlife, in the unlikely event something makes me want to change my mind I reserve the right to do so but at this time I don't buy it.

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