Do you believe in a higher power (god or gods)? What is your religion and why do you believe?

Asked by: AU_Balimango
  • I do believe en God.

    It gives me a permanent moral code in contrast with the ever changing political correctness, and makes me happy too. Religion gave me better chances to help others, as it includes many welfare organizations and allows me to find one that adapts to what I think should be done and how much time I have to take part on it.

    Posted by: Rafe
  • I believe in something.

    I am Christian although I don't believe in the Bible. I believe there was a Jesus Christ maybe he was son of God maybe he wasn't, does it matter? I believe in a Heaven and Hell and only the truly heinous go to hell whether they believed in God or not. The reason I believe the way I do is because, one, I grew up with this thinking and I take comfort in the community I belong in. Secondly, I take comfort in the fact that I don't have to fear death; I know that I will go to heaven so I don't have to feel nervous about living my life to the best, I can just be free. Also, my grandmother always told me that God will handle everything, and everything happens for a reason, when I get nervous I can just let that worry go. Lastly, I don't feel alone. To think that there is nothing out there and we are all alone is daunting. Those who claim religion is all supernatural stupidity, how can you see the world and not think of it as supernatural stupidity? It is amazing. We may have explanations for just about anything, but who's to say that a God is explainable but our brains just can't comprehend it.

  • God the Father

    I believe in Christianity, and building off of our first con comment, I don't hold to this belief because of my patents or for any other reason than the fact that I committed to a relationship with Him on my own. I don't have scientific proof, I don't feel like I need any of it. I am a person who doesn't need to believe by seeing. I believe in God because of what He has done for me. My faith is built off of trust. God has given me so much already and that's why I believe. This is my personal opinion, and I'm not trying to force this on anyone. If you want to I'm always open to questions. :)

  • The Lord Who Made Me

    I'm a Christian. I believe in God because I am told and I believe that He died on the cross for my sins and that He rose again. He's my protector. Without the Lord, I wouldn't have been created. I bless Him everyday, all day. PSALMS 3 is my chapter. It shows why I love the Lord and why I worship him, along with PSALMS 23.

  • More Than One God

    I do not think that one god could have built/made everything in the world. I think that there is a god for all different things. A god for love. A god for power. A god for nature. A god for evil. A god for good. Ect... I believe that there are gods for even the smallest things. I think that everyone should have their own beliefs no matter what. Not one person should give up what they believe in just to make someone else happy. Okay, well, have a nice day... Bye.

  • Anti-theism is my case

    In the words of Christopher Hitchens, a popular atheist, I believe in anti-theism. Basically it is the belief that there is a higher power that we do not know of that may guide us and look over us, but rules, regulations and other things described in the bible are not entirely true and are just used to make us conform to a specific belief of Jesus.

  • Yes I do.

    I am a Christian, and I believe in a God, and I believe because I know it's true, and that the evidence is in the Bible and if you look in the Bible, it's there. I also believe, because there is no other deity I know that can help me in life.

  • 110 Percent Belief in God

    I'm a Christian who believes in the one true God. I believe God has spoken to us through His prophets, apostles, and His son Jesus Christ who was raised from the dead. My faith is based on experiencing God's mercy and love, even in times when I least deserved His mercy and love.

  • I believe in a higher power

    I believe there is some sort of higher power that doesnt really interfere. Probably some watchful guardian or ghosts. Or guardian angels. I believe we have souls and dead people exist in spirit some where in some way. I do not believe in any established religion or any man made spiritual rule books

  • I agree there are higher beings yeah...

    I believe there are things more powerful than humans in the world apart from forces of nature yeah. Like poltergeists, deities and stuff. I beleive this because i was once visited by a being at least once. I believe these beings use people as pawns in their plans of succession and that there are actions going on outside the realm of general human knowledge. A person has to be enlightened before they can comprehend these actions.

    I wouldn't put my faith into any of these manifestations unless they were useful for me however.. I'm not typically a satan worshipper because i'm attached to my idea of soul and i won't be a typical christian untill the church has updated its belief around gods commandments of present day stuff. I would however be very friendly with satan if he promised to let me live in his flower in hell... Polytheism for you there ya go, goes to show its not all bad.

  • Simply not enough evidence to support the claim

    There is no actual proof to prove the existence of a higher being. Although many people believe they often believe blindly not actually researching the belief they follow. Often they believe because their parents did. Understanding that there is no proof I am not inclined to believe in any higher being until such evidence is provided.

  • I am an atheist.

    There is no evidence that any deities exist of any kind. Mankind has been trying to prove said existence for thousands of years and has come up completely dry.
    Most HONEST theists will tell you that they believe simply on faith because there is no proof (dishonest ones will usually commit some logical fallacies and call it "proof"). But some of us simply cannot believe in extraordinary claims without extraordinary evidence to support them.

  • I am an atheist.

    I do not see any good reason to believe in him. If he exists, what is he doing up there? If he is capable of doing anything he chooses (omnipotent), why would he create a world in which bad things were possible? Why not create a world where everyone is good, and there is no evil? Why not get rid of the devil, he COULD if he wanted to. He could stop starvation, torture and war if he wanted to, so why doesn't he?
    People say he gave us free will, but why create a universe in which harming others is an option? Why create a universe in which being tortured in hell for all eternity is an option? It sounds like a horror movie, like a game to him. We are these little puppets that he put into his little made up world, and now he just sits back and watches, while so many of us creatures struggle for life. Think of animals- he would have given us a better chance then them of survival. We are smart, and have the intellectual capacity to develop as a species. A wild horse, or a deer, does not. So they most probably die of starvation, and God's watching them.

    And how can God expect anyone to be happy in heaven, knowing that friends or family could be burning in hell? Is this not so sadistic?

    If God exists, he's not one to be worshipped. He's a sadistic, lazy moron.

    Posted by: sota
  • Scientific, Educated Mind.

    After years of contemplation and studying various fields of Astrology and Physics, I've come to the conclusion that most the the theories put fourth by other scientists today have the most evidence of the origin of our creation, while most religious texts have zero evidence. Human kind has invented many different kinds of "gods" over the years and every sect of religion believes only their denomination to be "correct." It's simply illogical.

  • The null hypothesis shows that it is more logical to assume god does not exist.

    P1. By default, the null hypothesis is compliant with the physical expectations of a non-existant god

    P2. The burden of proof is on the theists to demonstrate god's existence through testable predictions or testable, emperical evidence.

    P3. Theists have consistently failed to meet this burden

    Conclusion: Until they do meet the burden of proof, the most logical decision is to be skeptical of the god hypothesis and assume he does not exist.

  • There is no evidence for a higher power (god/gods).

    There has not been a shred of evidence for the existence of any higher power. If there was evidence then I would believe but there isn't. If there was no religion or belief in higher powers we would be living in the future, probably be immortal, and already be colonizing space.

  • If there's no proof and it defies common sense, I don't believe it.

    I respect anyone's opinion as being as valid as my own and anyone's right to believe what they wish, especially if their beliefs encourage them to live a moral, ethical life, in which they're happy, have hope and peace, and treat others well. This benefits humanity, and I love the moral aspect of Christianity and religion and the teachings of Jesus. I was raised an Episcopalian but know little about the Bible - I just remember the general teachings and morals.

    However, everything I'm told about God and Jesus not only defies common sense to me and is physically impossible, but there's no proof any of it ever happened. For example, how can someone perform miracles when miracles are impossible - I'm supposed to believe it because it's in a book? Why was Jesus our savior when he only had 12 followers and everyone else in his time despised him and crucified him? How is it possible for God to create the world in 7 days? How would the people writing the Bible ever know what happened before they were alive? I could go on and on. Not only does the Bible defy all common sense to me, but there's absolutely no proof that any of it ever happened. As much as I want to believe it, I simply can't - it's too illogical.

    If I can't explain something, I acknowledge I can't explain it and don't know. I don't make up a story to explain it so that the entire world fits nicely and neatly into my little perception of what I think it is and everything's ok and I have all the answers. Things are beyond our understanding, and it makes us feel better to make up something so that we can pretend we understand and feel good, rather than acknowledging that we don't understand.
    As far as religion and spirituality goes, I'm afraid that I believe in absolutely nothing. The only thing I do believe in is what I can see right now.

  • I think that the idea of a god(s) is just illogical

    I just find that the idea of a god is just illogical first of all a god would have to be omnipotent/all powerful, omniscient, and omnipresent.
    First of all to be omniscient that would suggest that time is preset as to know all would in turn mean to know time itself and the idea of time being preset is foolish as how could it just be preset? Who would do that? How could you do that? And also time travel would never work which means (unless you where able to find a wormhole).
    Second of all to be all powerful or omnipotent would not work as nothing can be "all powerful" as then the paradox "what would happen if a irresistible/omnipotent force met an immovable object?" Ergo it is not really possible to be omnipotent and also as Epicurus put it in this great quote
    "Is God willing to prevent evil, but not able? Then he is not omnipotent.
    Is he able, but not willing? Then he is malevolent.
    Is he both able and willing? Then whence cometh evil?
    Is he neither able nor willing? Then why call him God?".
    And also if there is one who is omniscient and all powerful then that kind of takes away put free will, because if he/she knows all then time is preset then he/she knows everything we will ever do combined with the all power takes away the power of choice, also if god is so "nice" then wouldn't he help all those having troubles and eradicate all disease etc also no starving etc.
    Anyway those are my reasons with believing there is no god no matter how much I want there to be one I just can not get past all of the inconsistencies etc. I have not mentioned the more generic ones so that I may give a new thing to think about.

  • No evidence supporting it

    There is no evidence supporting God. On the flip side there is plenty of scientific evidence that there is not a place for god within the laws of physics. It just doesn't make enough logical sense for me to consider it a reasonable theory. I respect many of the moral codes religion requires and wish everyone lived by those. But the non-exceptance of things like homosexuality and abortion are two of the things that make me think that religion is not helping anything. If religion removed these discriminatory beliefs then i might be more inclined to folow the moral code, but regardless i think that God is not a reasonable theory due to its lack of evidence

  • I deny a higher powers existance

    Basically I'm a egocentric Atheist who thinks I'm the most important person in the world. Here is my argument , I cannot prove anyone else has a consciousness but can prove i myself have one THEREFORE Everyone else is less important. If i was in the situation where either i die or 10000 random people die i (as horrible as it seems) would let the other people die as I dont know they are conscious. Thats why i dont believe in higher power cause I think i am of the highest power.

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