• Yes, there is life beyond our present existence.

    The concept of heaven holds too much religious and practical evidence not to be real. The notion that one day everything on the earth will die and the planet will be completely dormant is too unrealistic to fully grasp. The hope that many have that they will see their deceased loved ones again after this life is over is just too real to be ignored.

  • Beyond.

    There has to be something more than this life on earth. We feel the souls of our passed loved ones around us every day. Mediums can give very specific messages to those left behind, that cannot be faked. We work too hard in this life just to have it all go to waste when our heart stops beating.

  • Ggg g g

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  • Human cant see a lot of things by there eyes or even latest technologies but it doesn't mean that its not existed like the soul

    Human are believer by there nature they believed in one god and that's the normal but the problem is that human are living in earth not heaven or paradise and that means they must believe obey and struggle to return to paradise no one know why there is evil pain and problems all what we know is that human must do that no matter what for paradise
    unfortunately some people cant endure or understand how to have life with religion so they decided that life is more important than religion while there are equal both
    as long as you are alive you can do what you want say what you want you are totally free but you going to die one die and then if you are a believer but there no after life that's great but if you are atheist agnostic polytheist...........And there is an after life you will burn in hell for all eternity
    be smart think and chose carefully

  • I no after life where do we go

    It is real because where do the soldiers go and you don't just die you go some where and in every religion there is an after life so yeah it is real don't be like your parents go with what you believe it doesn't matter what other people think! Good day

  • I no after life where do we go

    It is real because where do the soldiers go and you don't just die you go some where and in every religion there is an after life so yeah it is real don't be like your parents go with what you believe it doesn't matter what other people think! Good day

  • I no after life where do we go

    It is real because where do the soldiers go and you don't just die you go some where and in every religion there is an after life so yeah it is real don't be like your parents go with what you believe it doesn't matter what other people think! Good day

  • It's hard to understand

    I have spent countless amount of hours fearing death, doing research, wondering, questioning, not understanding, and everything else. However, scientists argue that the brain shuts down, and their isn't a "you" after death so there shouldn't be anything to worry about. That doesn't make sense to me though, because if I was just a product of science, and the only thing that makes me who I am is my brain, or anyone else for that matter, then why isn't everyone the same? Everyone has similar brains.. Why don't we act the same? Because we are more than just our brains. The idea of an afterlife is hard to understand. Forever is hard to understand. God is hard to understand. Heaven & Hell are hard to understand. It is all just hard to understand from an earth point of view & honestly, it is kind of scary. Especially, because all we know is what we know here on earth. If there isn't an afterlife though.. Why do so many people see ghosts? Or spiritual beings? Or when people almost die, why do they see a glimpse of the "other side". I don't think that is all science. There are too many things that are unexplained, for this life to be it. Sure, it can be scary. But, people have been dying for years, along with everything else. So, whether you go to heaven or hell or wherever the afterlife takes us or doesn't take us, which I think it takes us somewhere.. You just have to understand that everyone else will be there too. Its just hard to understand. It's hard to know there is something greater, and its hard to imagine that there isn't.

  • Souls do exist

    I hear someone once say; "If you take a human apart (head, legs, arms, organs etc) and ask a surgeon to put them all together perfectly, The person will still have no conciousness and be dead. Our soul is what makes us "us". A broken toy thats been put back together perfectly will probably work again, because it has no soul.

  • My view is strange, but this is why I believe in an afterlife.

    Not all of us are religious, and some who believe in an afterlife are Atheists as well!

    I believe in an afterlife because it is illogical to assume that we only exist to reproduce. Logic does not necessarily go hand-in-hand with Science, for many scientific theories are proven wrong over time. Science cannot answer any "why" questions unless it has to do with physical matter or physical needs, so it would be silly to turn to Science for the "big" questions like "Why are we here? What is our purpose? What happens after we die?

    The only human concept that logic can completely relate to would be mathematics. In mathematics, there is no 'end' number or 'beginning' number because there are an infinite amount of negative numbers before zero, and an infinite amount of positive numbers after zero. There is no end or beginning to mathematics because that would be illogical, wouldn't it? If you really think about it, the chemicals and hormones in our body are just mathematical equations. Every action we take will result in a reaction of some sort.

    The concept of infinity is just too much for some people to grasp, so of course they will tell themselves that an afterlife does not exist. I personally believe it is illogical. When we die, our bodies don't disappear. They decompose into the ground and our molecules become nutrients for other organisms. So why would our consciousness magically disappear out of nowhere? Nothing ever dies. It just changes. I could ramble on much more, but it is difficult to change the minds of other people anyway, whether they be religious or scientific.

  • Life is nothing but chemical reactions and electrical impulses

    Scientists can observe cells and see they are nothing more than a contained chemical reaction. Albiet amazing, but there is nothing more to it then molecules interacting with each other.

    Here's an example if you don't quite understand what I'm getting at. A computer is nothing more than just plastic, metals, and alloys all put together to form something that functions. Like a cell if formed by certain materials. Your computer reacts and responds just like a cell. Whenever your computer eventually wears out, it stops working. Whenever a cell wears out from age or whatever, it stops working. It doesn't continue in some form, it just ends.

    Life formed from chemicals slowly reacting for billions of years under correct conditions. We have plenty of evidence to support this. There is no soul in a chemical reaction. You are controlled based on your DNA, instincts, and external stimuli. You are nothing more than a hyper advanced amobea.

    So, when you die, you just seize to exist. You lose counciousness and never come back. It may seem scary, but you're not going to be here to experience death.

    I have a very open mind when it comes to this subject, and I personally think it would be nice to believe in an afterlife, but I won't blindly be led by unproven, archeic faith and philospy. Science has given us an overwhelming amount of knowledge. We've achieved great things with science, like space travel, computers, vaccines, etc. Everything in our modern world has been created through science. I know science isn't perfect, and that we still have an extrordinary amount of things to discover about life and the universe, but until I see some actual, replicable, testable evidence for the afterlife, I won't believe in it.

  • No. There is no afterlife.

    We have no evidence or proof that anything happens after we die except that our corpses continue to decompose in the ground. Although it is reassuring to many people to believe in the afterlife their religion tells them to, there is simply no clear proof that anything exists. The attempts some people make to provide evidence are deeply flawed because they rely on logical fallacies.

  • No clear evidence.

    This is a tricky question. While I do want to believe that there is something after death, I haven't seen anything in my life that convinces me that there could be.
    Yes, there are "ghosts" and mediums and near-death experiences that often cause people to change their minds about these things, none of those have been scientifically backed and I can't consider them to be credible.
    It's nice to think that one day, bad people will be punished and the good will be rewarded, but why does that have to happen after death? We struggle through this life so hard. If there's no life after death, is means that what we have right now has all the meaning in the world and people should strive to make the world a fairer, more just place for everyone.

  • There is no afterlife

    I am not aware of any credible evidence that supports the claim that an afterlife exists. If you can accept that there was a time when you weren't then it seems just as reasonable to accept that there will be a time when you are no more. I hope that some readers find my comments useful if they are in doubt about whether the afterlife exists or not.

  • No, why would you want one?

    I'm a supporter of the random chance theory. Our existence is merely a result of random chance generated by the universe in which we exist.

    While the idea of an afterlife may be appealing, it doesn't warrant blind believe in one. If an afterlife did exist, surely, at least some small amount of scientific evidence would exist to substantiate the claim.

    Having said that, why would you even want an afterlife? There's a beauty in death, it necessitates new life.

  • No, Belief in an Afterlife is a Comforting Lie People Tell Themselves

    The idea of death is terrifying. People convince themselves that there is
    an afterlife in an attempt to counter this overwhelming fear. It is comforting
    to believe in an afterlife, but in fact no evidence supports the existence
    of the afterlife or the validity of a personal religious experience. On the contrary,
    scientists have discovered that it is possible to create a spiritual epiphany
    with electrodes to the brain.

  • Because Human Beings are Afraid of Death.

    Everyone is afraid to die, no matter how harsh and intolerable your life might be. Humans deal with this fear by claiming (quite firmly, in my opinion) that after you die, you will continue to exist in a magical realm in which you will be forever reunited with your loved ones, and above all experience complete bliss for all eternity.

    Existence of an afterlife is an unfalsifiable hypothesis. Nobody can say, with 100% certainty, what happens to a human (or an animal, or a plant) after its death. But nothing in the universe is eternal- the universe itself isn't even eternal- so how can a mere human body live endlessly? Existence of a "soul", if it were assumed to be true, would mean that death-the greatest absolution known- becomes suddenly meaningless.

    I apologize if this sounds somewhat disorganized. I encourage anyone curious about this topic to research it, both on the "yes" and "no" sides.

  • Life exists now and death is defeated by birth.

    1) Every living person is part a people which live forever via procreation and birth. As a people, we need to think of the future in terms of generations. Time spent contemplating an afterlife is time not seeing the infinitive future generations. This is the world our parents left behind for us. We are creating the world which our children will be required to live in. These facts are so obvious that most people say "no duh" or "everybody knows that".

    If we spent mental and physical effort in consideration of future generations like we spend it on a form of afterlife, then the world would be a better place to live in. The sooner we begin to continually discuss, consider, and speak in terms of child, grandchild, great grandchild, great great grandchild and generations without end, the sooner we will be creating a more considerate world for our children. And the sooner we will be living in that world.

    2) The concept of an afterlife inherently demands the concept of an afterlife judgement. This thinking hands judgement over to a higher power. Thereby diminishing for judgement here and now. Judgement belongs to each and every one of us.

    To remove the scapegoat of judgement by a higher power ensures the thinking that morality must be understood to maximize bad action punishment and good action reward here and now. This would greatly reduce crime and spread more reward for productivity. The result of which would create a better world for our children to live in which would soon be all of us. We can have haven on earth, all we need to do is believe that we must create heaven here.

  • This earth is all we have

    I recently lost my Christian faith so, no, I don't believe in an afterlife anymore. After I lost my faith, I believed that we had souls and that they would continue on after death. Now I believe that once my brain is dead it's over. This fact makes me very sad.

  • Life has a beginning and it has an end

    When someone dies, his/her life is over. There is no thoughts, no emotions, no conciousness, nothing. The brain has stopped working and thus all the other organs in the rest of the body that sustain life.
    Conciousness fails to survive brain death and, along with other mental functions, is irrecoverably lost.

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