• There is undeniable evidence and facts

    Theres been millions of sightings even chips inplanted to abducties and we aquired new technologies after the roswell crash that seemed out of this world how? We stole their technology and the pyramids would be impossible for us to make now let alone back then..So they had help and the ancient carvings in pyramids show saucers coming down with "gods" being real life aliens they may even have.Created us so just ponder all that

  • Saw UFO when I was 14

    Triangular shaped / slowly could spin in circle / could stop on a dime / hover / zig zag / amazing to watch / scared me to death / saw it just a few minutes as sun was setting / followed me from behind like it was on the highway, stopped over my vehicle and I quickly put the pedal to the medal and it just zipped away so fast I knew it was not from here!

  • Yes, but not the kind in UFOs

    There are billions upon billions of stars in out galaxy alone. It's very likely that at least one of those stars has a planet that can support life. Now, the chances of intelligent life are smaller, but with so many planets it's still possible. There might even be life in our solar system- but it would be microbial. However, space is so huge that even if there is intelligent life somewhere we will never find them, just like they will never find us.

  • Why can't they?

    There millions upon trillions of stars in the universe. You're an imbecile if you think we're the only example of life. Now, flying saucers abducting humans is most likely a hoax. I'm up for aliens helping our ancestors build their monuments, although they weren't thought of as equals. Frankly, our planet is probably the last thing on their minds.

  • I believe that there is really life on other planets.

    I believe that there is really life on other planets. I believe in aliens. Have you ever seen that show Ancient
    Aliens? It’s a really good show. There is just too much evidence on there for
    it to all be made up. I don’t believe in
    coincidences. Alien life is a reality.

  • Yes, I Believe In Aliens

    Our solar system and universe are so vast, it would seem impossible that a situation like we have on Earth could also not exist elsewhere in the universe. I'm not necessarily convinced that they have visited Earth and therefore have the technology to travel at such superior speeds and distances to have come here, but the fact that there are others out there somewhere is highly likely.

  • There's got to be something

    There are a lot of arguments about the unlikelihood because of how perfect our solar system is and how it being replicated is so unlikely, and I respect those. However, the near endless nature of the universe makes me believe that somewhere, likely too far for us to ever come into contact, there is a high functioning alien society on a planet that is in a stable system. Star Wars isn't happening, but there has to be something somewhere.

  • There is life outside our universe.

    In my opinion there are other lifeforms outside the universe, but I wouldn't call them aliens. These lifeforms might not even be that far away. The might just be in a different dimension that humans can't even see. I know this is like science fiction, but it could really be a possibility that there are others watching us; yet we can't see them.

  • Yes, I DO believe in aliens.

    Not only because it makes sense, but also because I saw one spacecraft when I was 17 years old.
    Moreover, I also know some people who have had the same kind of experience I had.
    I pretty confident that most agencies around the world have the knowlegde of aliens presence in our planet. It's just a matter of time when they will uncover the true to us.

  • Do you believe in Aliens exist?

    That's my right answer: yes, I believe aliens exist. That we can't be the only living organisms in the universe.
    I already seem aliens in 2014 to 2016 when and what happened from where did aliens done to me. I am lucky and safe how did I felt it was.

  • No, but only in the sense they haven't been proven yet.

    Extra-terrestrial life may certainly exist out in the universe, but I can't believe in their existence until we have proof of it. Until then, it only remains a possibility, but it's a possibility that's worth looking into. I would very much like to believe they exist, but I have to remain skeptical.

  • There is no proof

    The reason i don't believe in aliens is simply because there is no factual scientific evidence to support such an outlandish clame. And besides the life on earth came into existence as soon as it could. So even if aliens do appear( which they won't) it be for billions of years.

  • No aliens in earth or in the planets

    There Is No aliens In the planets because they are only your imagination and i in my opinion don't think there is are alien in earth or in the planet. And people think there are alien because they see to much stuff or think something that is not true .

  • Okay, it's not about crop circles, or abductions, or any nonsense like that..

    There are almost an infinite number of stars, and a lot of those stars have planets. The probababilty that not even one other planet out of all those planets don't have life is 0. And for all those people talking about crop circles and/or abductions....
    Shut up.
    That just seems stupid.

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