• Yes, it would make some sense.

    I feel this way do to the amount of activity going on in the human brain. I do not think it is logical to say that all that potential just disappears after death. All those countless electric and chemical impulses coursing through it, even as I type my opinion out right now. And then there is all the energy put into creating memories in the blink of an eye. I don't expect all that energy to simply die off when I'm gone, as energy cannot be destroyed. Therefore, it must go somewhere, and I believe it goes into whatever afterlife awaits us. My personal belief being that the afterlife is an endless expanse of matter and energy for us to manipulate into our own paradise, and if we get bored then we could alter it again. I also do not perceive Hell as a logical concept, as I believe God to be entirely benevolent to all, even to those who strayed greatly in life.

  • Afterlife or Another life?

    On the no side of this argument many people talk of reincarnation. In fact that would be continued life after death. We know everything we sense will be stored in the brain on electrical impulses this energy must go somewhere after the body ceases to exist. Inhabiting a new body or floating away to heaven or hell...Whichever one you may believe in is an afterlife. I tend to believe that when we die our energy returns to the energy that surrounds all living things, and when life begins again new, in the form of birth this energy can again inhabit a new body as a vessel. The brain can hold more than one lifetime of information so ask yourself why do we have such a vast storage capacity in the brain if for only one lifetime?

  • Yes I do

    There is much evidence that points to an afterlife. Jesus's life is some of the strongest evidence for this. As well as near death experiences and out of body experiences.

    The fact is that the body is just the recover for the radio signal, which is the soul. If you smash up a radio it no longer works but that does not mean the radio waves are gone, they just need a new way to transmit them.

    The same goes for the body, it's just the reliever that is gone when you die, the soul simply finds a new receiver.

  • Yes,i believe in an afterlife.

    As far as I am concerned,there's no other choice but to believe in an afterlife.It just seems like it would not be much of a life if there is not the hope for something better in the future.There is also the thought that a person can correct any wrongs they might have done by being a better person in the future.

  • Yes, I believe in the afterlife.

    Personally, I do believe that our spirit is something that will live on after we pass away. It seems like such a special and unique thing, that it cannot die. I was also raised in a religion that teaches that it is something that does not perish. It's nice to have the hope that one day we will see our loved ones who have passed on before.

  • It's impossible to tell if you do - and it's wrong to explore such a topic

    'If we haven't understood life, how can we understand death?' (Analects 11.11)

    We should be thinking about life, and how we can raise our morals standards, rather than caring about life after death. Retribution, judgements... These religious concepts related to the afterlife usually lead eventually to dogmatism, but what people need is to follow their benevolent nature, and not dogmas from some external source.

  • "Afterlife" is too broad

    I believe that when you die, your soul, in which everyone has a soul, will simply be passed on to another person. The purpose of this is to learn lessons throughout your soul life. This is where the term "old soul" comes from. Meaning that person is wise. Their soul is very old, containing so many life times, and have learned through experiences. Also, if youve ever felt that you have had a true connection with someone, or experienced love at first sight, you probably knew that person from a past life time. Therefore, true love would also exist. Everyone has that one person that they are meant to be with. Reincarnation is a better word to use than believing in an afterlife.

  • Maybe Beleive In Reincarnation

    Just probably not the way most people believe in reincarnation. I more or less believe you will be made into something totally different than what you were. Different elements make different things, more or less. The after life just does not seem logical to me, but try to always keep an open mind.

  • No, I do not.

    When you die you are dead, I would like to believe otherwise, but that's how I feel it is. I'm open to the idea and it would be interesting to have some form of life after death. But it would be better to focus on extending life rather than hoping for an after life.

  • Too many souls and no vessel to hold them.

    The idea that there is an afterlife, good or bad, is presumptuous of a religion. I have no religion and therefore do not believe in anything that may happen after I die. All of the afterlife suggestions are equally possible, and equally impossible. I'm not certain whether I will wake up tomorrow in the matrix or not. It is better to stay concerned about the during-life rather than stress about the after-life.

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Mathunga says2019-05-02T00:02:49.553
Here's another way of looking at it: a single water droplet can house thousands of tiny little organisms. It's like a little world. If life can exist even in such a small space, What's to say that people can't be the same? You could take "snapshots" of someone and hold them in your head. Even when the person is gone, What's to say that they can't live on inside that mental image that is stored by a minuscule brain cell?

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