• Don't mess with people

    How is it fair for the person committing the crime not to be punished equally?

    Jail is not really equal in punishment to the death of a loved one for gods sake.

    The punishment must fit the crime. . . And they must pay back what was lost equally or else it is not fair.

  • It is natural

    Don't f**k with other people if you don't want to get fucked yourself. If people can get away with doing crimes and sit in a nice jail with free f***ing food and housing, That is not much deterrent.

    Don't f**k with others if you don't want to be fucked with yourself.

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  • Yes i believe in an eye for an eye retribution.

    Fear put people in check more than rehab/talking ever will. The reason why most people do not commit crimes is not because its immoral or against the word of god, but because of the punishment that levels the magnitude of the crime committed. If we knew that therapy was the punishment after committing a crime, we would all be criminals. Because we know better of the suffering in the aftermath we try by all means to stay in check.

  • Don't do onto others what you don't like them do onto you

    If somebody harms you without necessary justification,the person should get retribution for what he did,retribution is one of the things that maintains balance, It gives justice to the wronged.Nobody has the right to harm someone and go about in his merry way, that person should get the retribution he deserves even if it means DEATH.

  • Punishment fits the crimes.

    Yes, I believe in an eye for an eye retribution, because it is a good way to have the punishment fit the crime. If someone steals something, they should have some of their goods stolen. If a person kills someone else, they should be killed. This is the best way to make society whole again

  • Not at all

    I personally do not believe in the eye for an eye retribution philosophy. I think that we have come a long way and help to rehab people who make bad decision and encourage them to be productive members of society. If a 12 year old steals, they don't need to lose their hand.

  • I can not agree with the philosophy of eye to eye

    Eye to eye is only to destroy our world and is not act of humanity, Let us justice be served.
    Suppose that some has been prosecuted a deaf penalty after killing him/her you find that he/she was not the one who was supposed to be killed in other hand he was innocent, How are you going to solve that problem, Nothing you can do, Because you can not return him alive, Is that justice? Dear eye to eye only can destroy the world nothing else

  • I see no wrong in that.

    When you are at the receiving end, only you know how much it sucks. It is easy for everyone to say. Oh, you should be the bigger person and so on. Honestly, does that satisfy anyone? Being the "bigger man".

    Saying is one thing, however to see the other person causing you agony to taste their own medicine. Everyone likes it. Even if they don't show it. Part of them would be saying, the person deserved it.

    Most of the NO arguments are based around a sense of morality. Morality is very much man made. Society dictates what is right or wrong. Before humans started writing down laws of what is right and wrong. There is no such thing as right or wrong.

    Everything is equally right as it is wrong. Besides, their argument is just not suitable towards making a world where people all fall in line. I present to you 2 scenarios. In one everyone is peaceful and does not retaliate on those who cause harm. There will be nothing detering anyone from doing harm. The reason we have prisons is to deter. Talking and advising is going to zip to change someone. Fear and pain are very very strong motivations to keep people in check.

    In the second scenario , people go eye for an eye, What will happen? Well there will be lots of violence, definitely. However people will think twice of doing any harm. As the moment they act upon their impulse to harm. They well know, they might lose their head.

    All this let's be peace living gipsy talk is just not realistic. If a bully hits you, you hit back ten times as hard to teach a lesson. That;s how bullies will back away from you. Telling them to be mature or any form of talking is not going to work. That is a fact.

    All forms of mitigation through talking to convert a person only work after they have been punished. Fear and pain leaves a mark. Shaking hands does not. Like it or not, this is the reality of things.

    People should learn how to defend themselves, learn to fight. Instead of telling a robber during robbery they are doing wrong. Take a gun and point at the robber and let's see how willing is he still to rob.

    Morality it's a self made feel good idea. You are not going to go to hell if you are immoral. You not going to become a bad person if you hit another person who is behaving bad. Taste of your own medicine has always been a great deterrent for people from doing bad.

    Jail is a form of eye for an eye. It is an eye for an eye. If we did not believe in the culture of eye for an eye. We would be letting criminals walk away after receiving an hour long lecture on why their action was wrong.

  • No, that is unnecessary.

    There should be no such thing as an eye for an eye retribution because it serves no purpose except to make the one seeking revenge as bad as the one who did the first injustice. It is usually better to find and punish but do so with an eye toward teaching a lesson.

  • No, I don't believe in an eye-for-an-eye.

    I don't believe that justice is brought in the term of eye-for-an-eye. I think that it is just an old way of trying to get justice. I do not think that people should be able to take the law in their own hands or that the judicial system should operate on some kind of principle that is like it.

  • No, because then you are just lowering yourself to their level.

    I do not believe in an eye for an eye retribution. Seeking revenge or retribution and seeking justice are not always the same thing. We should not view judgements in such black and white terms as 'an eye for an eye', Instead of lowering ourselves to their level we should try being better as well as being more understanding.

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  • What if the offender was diagnosed with a mental illness?

    We don't know anything about the offender until taken into police custody. And then they find out about their mental illness it would probably be too late. That's another reason. There isn't a second chance for the government once it's been done. Seconds chance don't come in if they're gone.

  • An eye for an eye will leave everyone blind.

    Fighting fire with fire feeds the flames of hatred and negativity. The only thing that vengeance accomplishes is that you justify the actions of the aggressor. Stooping to the level of a bully validates them. I am not a Utopian, but I think that humanity is better than that. I know that it is idealistic, but I believe that those who love peace should take a stand for it. I do believe in self-defense, but not revenge.

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