• Yes, I believe in an Obama Doctrine.

    I think every President has a sort of Doctrine that they follow with certain economic and military actions, former President Bush had a so called Bush Doctrine that was very hawkish on war and very pro free markets, Obama has a Obama doctrine that is more of negotiation and more Government control of the economy.

  • No I do not believe in an Obama Doctine.

    No I do not believe in an Obama Doctrine as it is something that sounds too broad and secretive. I have never heard of this in news nor on the government website. The Obama Administration has been transparent enough that I believe he would endorse such a doctrine if it existed.

  • No, I do not

    I think Obamas foreign policies are a joke and so is he. He has not contributed anything,but rather took away from the country. The next president is going to have a hard time in his first term, fixing all of Obamas mistakes. The guy should have stayed away from the presidency all together. He's a global joke.

  • Not Well Defined

    The term Obama Doctrine doesn't describe an actual document. It's a broad term used to identify Obama's way of handling foreign policy. Many people have speculated what an actual Obama Doctrine would include but there's nothing set in stone. Since it's not an actual document I find it diffcult to "believe" in it.

  • He doesn't like America.

    No, I do not believe in an Obama Doctrine, because he hasn't had a good policy yet. Obama was raised to think America is a bad place. He is trying to drive up inflation and reduce jobs at the same time. He wants us all to drive cars that we can't afford, and buy health care we don't need.

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