Do you believe in an Olympics where athletes represent themselves instead of their countries?

Asked by: SillyKid0609
  • I do believe that an Olympics where athletes represent themselves instead of their countries.

    I do believe that people that go to the Olympics represent themselves instead of their countries. What did we do to help them to go the Olympic. Only their coaches, family, and friends helped them, they supported them. What did everyone else do? No one knows who they are until they they compete to go to the Olympics. Then when they go it's all about hey world here I am! They trained so hard but when they go they just want the gold or they just want to medal. There a few athletes that really go to represent their countries. No matter how hard you train people all over the world don't know who you are until you compete. When you compete to go that is a major event and moment in the athletes life. When they get to go they cry, and feel so happy for themselves and in those few minutes the athletes do not even think about their countries. On the other hand there are athletes that do take going to the Olympics very serious. They don't just represent themselves, they represent their countries. People should go to the because they want to represent their country. Sure you get your name out their but you should be proud about where you come from. If you go because you just want to represent themselves than don't go. Go if you want to do both represent themselves and your country. People who go to the Olympics are role models for young athletes. Parents don't want their children to have role models that represent themselves and don't care about representing their countries.
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  • Being proud for things you didn't do is the epitome of stupid

    Just because you come from the same country as someone whom won a gold medal, it doesn't mean that you did a thing to help him/her win. You're not getting up on the podium to accept the gold medal. Celebrate wonderful skill and incredible technique, don't celebrate irrelevancies. Athletes should represent themselves so that we can help rid ourselves of this mind-blowingly retarded mind-set.

  • The original olympics

    The original olympics were said to have been a place where athletes could increase their fame and fortune for themselves, not for their country. Changing it so that athletes have to represent their own country means that no acheivement is really theirs. It isn't even the teams who do the work, it is the athlete who wins it.

  • Do I believe it exists?

    Obviously not, seeing as how it doesn't exist... Now, if you were trying to ask whether or not I believe that it could or should exist, Sure, why not? And now I've run out of things to say and yet I've still only used 41 of my 50 words. Darn.

  • I think not.

    The dream for many youth athletes is to be the best, so they can grow up and play for their country. It is a dream held by me and many of my friends and fellow athletes. I think the people who play in the Olympics only tryout because they want to represent their country and prove themselves as being the best.

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