• Plenty of evidence available

    I think there is plenty of biological, archaeological and historical evidence available that ancient human civilizations came into contact with other worldly beings. Yet, our ego refuses to believe it. I think one should have a more flexible attitude. There are so many phenomena in the world which we do not understand. We do not even have 1% knowledge of the universe.

    Posted by: Vid
  • We Might Have Evolved

    Is it possible that we evolved from bacteria? Don't get me wrong I think bacteria may have came from E.T But still maybe our evolution came from mixing bacteria that evolved and eventually into us. Then again it may have came from the G man up top in the clouds. But still. Space boogies and religion aside we haft to realize we are in the day of modern science and True rules. And Vid you are right maybe my Ego is going into defense mode but still we don't need to think ALIENS ALIENS THEY DID IT ALL!!!!!

  • No, because wheres the definitive proof?

    The biggest issue with the ancient alien theory is where is the proof of aliens. For example many ancient alien theorists claim that the pyramids were created and/or assisted by aliens. Well if thats the case we should have proof that aliens came here, (spaceships, alien technology, alien skeletons, etc) however their is none. The theory itself directly makes humans seem unintelligent and unable to create beautiful structures like the pyramids of Giza or even the pyramids by the Mayans. On top of that, the biggest issue of this theory is if aliens have visited us in the past, then why dont they visit us now? The bottom line is the theory is based on no historical or archaeological proof at all. If one day we find alien spaceships, skeletons or even technology then thats when we can proof this theory but for now we cant.

  • This is rediculous

    There is no such thing as aliens. Aliens have never been proven that they exist. Only outer space bacteria is the closest to alien life we will ever get. Tell me how many alien space crafts have crashed. Only in the movies they have! Like I said, how many aliens have you seen?

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