• Feminism is anti-male

    Feminism is anti-male: It perpetuates a false conspiracy theory called "patriarchy" which is a misuses of a word, and demonizes men as oppressors using no empirical evidence what so ever, enough said.

    Female privileges and oppression of men:

    1.The privilege of molesting children and having society give you props.
    2.The right to a mans financial earnings.
    3. The right to choose parenthood or opt out of it.
    4. Preferential treatment in divorce court
    5. Preferential treatment in child custody or adoption.
    6. The privilege of feminist groups and bureaucrats setting police policy to favor women in their policy and protocol.
    7.The privilege of serving less prison time for the same crimes.
    8.The privilege of having feminist institutions mandate school policy.
    9. The Violence Against Women act, provides legal privileges for women that men do not have, even though men are 50% of the abused and women are more likely to initiate violence.
    The right to government funding for domestic violence shelters.
    10. The right to kill commit premeditated murder and claim to be a battered wife, rather than to be expect to leave or report.
    11. The preponderance of evidence: Women can make an accusation that is 50% evidence.
    12. Sexual Harassment: Women receive effective justice men do not.
    13. Gender discrimination: Women receive effective justice men do not.
    14.The right to make achievements in the military by meeting lower standards than men.
    15.The right to cancel the due process rights of a man.
    16. The privilege of being thought by a school system that has an 80 female staff.
    17.The privilege of always being a victim, even when you're the criminal.
    18. The privilege of having that 80% female staff discriminate against boys using a system that stigmatizes boy as 85% of the of the "emotionally/ behaviorally disabled," by systematically demonizing male behavior.

  • Feminism has become anti male

    Whenever I see a feminist parade, I always think of what would happen if one of the women were to say something about unequal treatment for men. Imagine what would happen if you were to tell a feminist that "men need better treatment in court." S/he'd likely dismiss the fact, or tell you that you're simply being stupid. Feminism has turned from a fight for equality to a fight for simply females.

    Posted by: whay
  • Radical Feminism can be stopped

    Feminism is good, but when the average person thinks of feminism they think of long lines of sensitive women who want to overpower and oppress men. Although this may sound good to them, it is literally impossible. Women in the US have nothing to complain about, most can breast feed in public, but hey if I whip out my nuts in public its "indecent." The women asking for "No Judgement" are usually the ones who get judged the most. Women who think they are entirely equal to a man are wrong, in fact we're nearly polar opposites. Except for maybe the fact that we're human. Women are created to do all the things a man can't, and they shouldn't complain about a wage gap when they don't have the bravery to step up and say to their bosses "Hey, this person makes more than I do and we've been working here for the same amount of time, doing the same things. This isn't okay."

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  • Third- wave feminism is what has ultimately doomed feminism itself

    The feminism I take exception to today is not the mild and blameless right of a woman to self-actualize that all women absorb by osmosis from the cultural air we breathe, but the radical ideology that has come to dominate the movement’s academic and institutional elites over the last 40 years.

    This ideology sees the relations between the sexes as a never-ending antagonistic power struggle, with women as "victims" and men as "oppressors". It is the ideology that explains away the moral failings of women as the fault of a patriarchal “system”, but holds men responsible for their actions. And most important, it is an ideology that shortchanges children by privileging the rights and importance to children of mothers over fathers.

    As a result of feminists’ preaching unrestrained sexual experimentation over early and faithful commitment, women are having fewer children later, and many are having none. Consequently, birthrates are down in all western countries, in many below the replacement levels. Canada’s current fertility rate is 1.54 per woman, behind one-child China’s 1.7.
    Sadly, many women realize they want to have children, but too late. They were not warned by their Women’s Studies teachers or by feminist commentators that fertility peaks by age 25, or that late pregnancies carry elevated risks, or that induced abortions pose a risk of pre-term delivery in future pregnancies.

    Abortion is now such a commonplace here that it is used as a backup form of birth control. Abortions in Quebec have doubled in the last 10 years: in 2006 16 percent of pregnancies resulted in abortion. Today 30 percent do. You don’t have to be a religious Christian to find that statistic disturbing.

    Feminist's original goal may not have been the intention to preside over the actual demographic decline of western civilization. Their goal was to empower women. But as the old saying goes, when you are up to your neck in alligators, it’s difficult to remember that your original intention was to drain the swamp.

    Misandry, which is the female equivalent of misogyny (misanthropy is a hatred of humankind), is now entrenched in our public discourse, education system and social services. Misandry flies beneath most people’s radar, because we have become compliant in the acceptance of theories that have nothing to do with reality, and compliant in the speech codes that accompany that tendency.
    Denigration of men in ways both casual and formal are a commonplace in society.

    For overt misandry, one has only to survey the industry around domestic violence. You could be forgiven for thinking that domestic violence is a one-way street, for that is certainly the impression one has from the fact that there are innumerable tax-funded shelters for abused women, none for abused men, unlimited funds for campaigns to raise consciousness around abused women, none for abused men. There is not a single social services agency or charity in Canada advertising “family services” that offers counseling, shelter or legal services for men who have been physically abused by women.

  • Western Feminism is Anti-Male and Not Needed

    Recently I have had many encounters with feminists. There is even a feminist club at my high school. Of my knowledge, feminism is a cause that supports women's rights and helps to create equality for women. Many feminists claim to be fighting for "equal rights for men and women". May I ask, What is so unequal? It is true that there used to be a enormous gap between that rights that a man had and the rights that a woman had. However, in the modern day, we have gotten past that. So I suggest to feminists, get your head out of your a** and look around. The only people being mistreated are the innocent men YOU are bullying. In the United States women are equal to men. If not, women are treated BETTER than men. Yes I said better. You feminists keep telling me how you are afraid of men because we might rape you. DO YOU KNOW HOW OFFENSIVE THAT IS. Jesus, you women just don't understand what sexual abuse is. It can also happen to men too. It happens to men a lot more that you might think. If a man walks up to a woman and slaps her butt, he gets put in jail and is on the sexual offenders list. If a woman does this to a man, he gets told he should be lucky. HA. "Women have lower wages then men". That maybe be true, but if you truly wanted that to change more of you would be going to school and fighting for better jobs. Common sense morons. I am all for equality, but western feminism is not fighting for that. If you will get off your phones and social media, you'll realize that if you wanted to make a difference you would be trying to do something in a country that actually needed it. *cough* Middle East *cough*. They say they are trying to gain equality by focusing on ONE gender's interests. I could go on a rant about all the things men have to fear and all the stereotypes men have to deal with. What really pisses me off is the fact that you can call men rapists. I AM NOT A RAPIST. If you would like to argue about military concepts, please allow me to end it. BIOLOGICALLY men are more equipped and adapted to fight. They are made to make more muscle and their brains are made more for battle tactics, along with math and science. Men cannot be gay and be happy about it. Women can be bisexual or homosexual and be congratulated. Yet a men will get discriminated against or even beaten.

    I think this is it for this rant of mine, if anyone would like to talk or argue with me more on this topic go ahead and email me at cebauthor@gmail.Com

  • Feminism Is A Lie

    When girl says "I am a Feminist" and takes her shirt off, what does that prove? It proves nothing. Look to countries outside our sheltered American borders. Women in the middle east have little to no rights. In America I feel that women want to be treated as if they are men. They want to pretend they are something they are not. I think we should fight rape, and racism. If women are payed less they should respectfully ask for a raise. When women are payed less it can be the result of many things. Turning and hating men is not the answer.

  • It's a Bait and Switch

    If feminism was just what the dictionary definition was, I would be a feminist. HOWEVER, in order to be a feminist you have to accept into things such as Critical theory, the wage gap, Patriarchy, Rape culture. If your a man, you have to accept that your gender is inherently oppressive. And that you, as a man, should sacrifice your personal opinion and the masculine part of your male identity.

  • Feminism is Good. Radical Feminism is BAD

    Feminism is a good thing. I can say that with an open mind and no burden on my concious. However, what I have seen in Radical Feminism is a group of feminists that have taken their viewpoint too far. Instead of striving for equality, they are striving for dominance. I'll leave you with a quote that was a response to a question. Keep in mind that this quote is from one of the most famous girl streamers there is.

    " I think that anybody who thinks that woman are truly better than men is a feminist"

  • This is a global issue.

    Those of you who think women are better off than or have anywhere near the same rights and privileges as men around the world are just plain ill-informed and bigoted. As for those of you using radical/"man-hating" people for any part of your counterargument, don't assume those people are representative of the whole.

  • People don't understand the definition of Feminism

    Feminism is meant to fight for the equality of people. That's it just people. Regardless of sex, age, gender, sexuality, race, culture, disabilities, and anything else you think of. People often say that they believe in equal rights, but they aren't a feminist. The don't like claiming the negative connotation that feminism has.

  • Feminism Is Equality between Genders.

    I think anti-feminism is wrong because it doesn't allow women to have the same rights as men. Women and men deserve the same rights because, after all, they too, are people. Those who believe in equality yet are supporters of anti-feminism are being hypocrites. Feminism allows for women to have the same rights as men.

  • Feminism is needed

    I do not believe in anti-feminism. When most people in the US think of feminism , the problems they think of are: "women being able to walk alone at night without fear" or "not being cat called" or other problems such as those. Now, I'm not saying those are the only problems that are identified, but those are the ones I mostly hear. And when "anti-feminists" refer to femenism, (<---) they refer to is as "man hating". Now I'm not going to say that there aren't cases where extremists have gone to that point (of hating men) because as with every belief (Christianity, etc. ) there are always people that misinterpret the purpose of said belief and go to the extremes. Now on to the reasons why I'm not anti-feminism.
    First of all, let's think about this GLOBALLY. The problems identified by the pro side are exclusive to the US ( and maybe some other developed country). I don't know why people have this tendency of thinking that feminism starts and ends here. The thing is, the BIGGER problems (violence against women specifically, infanticide because of gender, laws being skewed so women end up getting some type of life/death sentence) happen in third world countries. THERE is where feminism is needed. Take Malala for example. The hate and oppression against women is so strong that they aren't even allowed to READ, and when they try to stand stand up for their beliefs, they get shot. Being in that situation and saying: "I'm anti-feminism" would be adding more fuel the fire. Women in those areas are constantly living in fear because of the standards that are in place. Saying: "I'm anti-feminism" would be the same as laughing in their faces. The same as saying: "No, I don't believe that you shouldn't be living in fear". Here you might say, "but men suffer as well in those countries. Might as well become a humanist and look out for both genders equally!" You see, the problem with this is that it blurs the problems that need to be addressed. No longer are we identifying "violence against women by their husbands", but instead just "no violence". The broader it becomes, the less likely these problems will be solved.

  • Feminism is a cause for good, despite bad press

    Feminism has been, of many topics, taking down unjust institutions that support gender roles and in doing so subjugate women to a subordinate one.
    While there are feminists who have been 'Radical' in their views, these are not representative of the whole and are usually niche voices. Feminists at feminist conferences are usually women with genuine concerns and issues that we should tackle with.

    The institutional roles that makes Men Macho, Women Subordinate, does not state anything about all women being equally oppressed and all men being equally upheld, it simply means that this is the larger picture.

    My Socialist/Anarchist school of Feminism is not one of securing higher positions for women, but accepting that so long as some are rich and some are poor, there can be no woman's liberation, we should all work towards a more gender egalitarian world.

  • This is a global issue.

    Those of you who think women are better off than or have anywhere near the same rights and privileges as men around the world are just plain ill-informed and bigoted. As for those of you using radical/"man-hating" people for any part of your counterargument, don't assume those people are representative of the whole.

  • This is a global issue.

    Those of you who think women are better off than or have anywhere near the same rights and privileges as men around the world are just plain ill-informed and bigoted. As for those of you using radical/"man-hating" people for any part of your counterargument, don't assume those people are representative of the whole.

  • This is a global issue.

    Those of you who think women are better off than or have anywhere near the same rights and privileges as men around the world are just plain ill-informed and bigoted. As for those of you using radical/"man-hating" people for any part of your counterargument, don't assume those people are representative of the whole.

  • MRAs grouse about feminism -- but they are at least as hateful & radical as they claim feminists are

    Anti-feminists and MRAs demonize women & feminism and equal rights as much as they claim feminists demonize them. They hate women and feel put upon by women. The central issue is whether women are considered fully human with a full right to self-determination and with full and equal rights to achieve, earn, thrive without obstruction, discrimination or oppression. The fact is women are not considered human in most of the world. Reproductive rights and denial of self-determination (slavery) are tied together. Rape culture is rampant. Anti-feminists/MRAs believe women in no circumstance ought to have choices about her own body or life - that their reproductive choices and mating choices ought to be controlled by others. And/or, that women are scheming demons (while simultaneously too stupid to scheme) and thus un-deserving of respect that humans generally deserve.

    I see that there is little argument against feminism (even radical feminism) when anti-feminists and MRAs themselves are so rabidly against women and when anti-feminists and MRAs themselves hold such radically anti-feminist views of women.

    They have no argument. They have no moral ground. And they are hypocrites.

  • Anti-feminism can't be "believed in".

    Anti-feminism is simply the lack of belief in feminism. It is a belief like off is a TV channel, atheism is a religion, or not collecting stamps is a hobby. It is impossible to believe in the lack of an ideology. You can disagree with feminism (as I do), but you can't treat anti-feminism like a belief.

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