• It's the only religion that involves grace.

    When Jesus sacrificed Himself for all sin, He showed humanity the greatest example of love ever. What other religion tells us to love one another & if have faith in God/Jesus, we are guaranteed eternal rewards that we cannot fathom? No other requirements needed ,,,,,, kinds cool & so easy, albeit almost impossible to reconcile that Someone would sacrifice His Son, just to show us His immense love for humanity.

    I ask non believers to answer this one question: Even if there is a .000000001 chance there is a God & all the things stated is true about Him, why take the chance of not partaking in this eternal reward? What is the risk other than becoming a nicer person that treats all others as they wish to be treated, & a strength & peace that only can be found with God's help. I never have had an answer that was applicable to the question posed. Ya see, no one has to know that you asked to find out what God is all about, except you. So, why take even the smallest chance that when you die, that you face God & instead of being welcomed, you'll say ..... Oops.

  • Christianity is unique

    Christianity is a spiritual relationship with God who reached down to save and reconcile the undeserving human kind. All other religions teach salvation based on our works and merit. Christianity teaches salvation by the grace of God, by our trust in Jesus Christ alone. Our Lord has done it all.

  • Yes I do

    I believe in God,Jesus and the Holy Spirit I am a Christian baptist and believe in Christianity I believe that Jesus died and rose again and that God loves us and want us to go to Heaven to be with him forever! Please Become a Christian Today than you amen.

  • Read the bible

    The bible has both insane statements like stone people to death, cut the hand off of a woman who interferes with two men fighting, etc and contradictions. The bible is not in line with science. One example, if an unskilled man made a boat to survive a world flood why is there no evidence? Geologist have not found evidence for a flood of that magnitude, also why isn't there one kangaroo fossil from the middle east to Austrialia? If 700 year old man gathered up two of every bacteria, insect, and animal and kept them on a wooden boat, how did the kangaroo manage to migrate to Australia without one of them dying on there journey? Also how did they swim the ocean to get to Australia?

  • No, Christianity is stupid.

    Christianity is pure stupidity, there's no God, God is evil according to Christianity, so congratulations Christians, you worship an evil fictional character, but seriously, Christianity just like any other religion was made up by men, if you read the bible you can tell it was written by uneducated men, so much with this crap.

  • I tried, and came up wanting

    I was born into a religious family. Standard upbringing with church and sunday school, defending my faith, believing in and loving the grace of god.

    As I got older, I read more, tried to fulfill my obligation to know and be able to defend my faith. What I found is that it isn't really defensible. If a god exists, it gave me the capacity for reason, and that reason led me to not believe in god. Where does that lead me?

    I didn't choose to lose my faith. I was convinced through heartfelt study and consideration that it simply makes no sense, and is inconsistent with the world as we know it. The story itself is contradictory.

    Adam and Eve - the idea that an all knowing god created humans without the knowledge of good and evil, put them in a situation that he knew the outcome of beforehand, and then condemned them for doing wrong that they, by the bible's admission, couldn't have known was wrong, seems far fetched to say the least. The idea of an all powerful god not knowing and protecting his creations against the input of a talking snake... And then dooming them even temporarily, seems inconsistent with the idea of being all powerful and all knowing.

    And the idea of picking and choosing to make it work, considering divisive opinions at all levels of the christian community, just seems intellectually dishonest.

    If there is a god, and that god upholds truth and honesty, would that god want me to pretend that I am convinced when I am not?

  • Christianity / Religion makes no sense...

    The 4.5 or so billion years of the existence of Earth screamed by for me up until 3rd October 1967…

    As a physical witness I can attest that the time before the 3rd October 1967 was much more peaceful than the time afterwards…

    Wouldn’t an all loving and omnipresent god realise this in advance and leave things the way they were; therefore avoiding any potential pain and suffering? Especially avoiding the potential of otherwise non-existent “souls” from becoming existent and subsequently spending eternity in “hell fire” as a result of physical mistakes?

    What would be the point of that?

    Yes of course, the ancient authors of the bible, koran etc… were not sophisticated enough at that point during the evolutionary process to foresee such a counter argument.

    All religious doctrines, bibles and korans etc,,, are written by MEN. Originally ancient MEN and then edited by evolving MEN throughout the following centuries..

    The truth is NOBODY knows why. This is precisely why religion continues to survive to this day.

    Science (human understanding) has done a good job de-mystifying many of the ancient religious myths.

    As much as a revolving rock supporting life and intelligent life in the absolute middle of nowhere makes little sense, religion makes less sense.

  • What Jesus said is brilliant. Yet Christians are hypocrites!

    Christians are hypocrites. They shouldn't be blamed though, the bible is an imperfect book that has contradictions. That is why people cherry pick certain bits that suits them! Conservative Christians in America are pro capitalism for some reason, and against Goverment support for the poor. I'm flabbergasted by that fact, because Jesus was against capitalism and for feeding the poor. What Jesus says contradicts the majority of the bible. That anti-gay stuff in the bible is less of an offence then divorce is, yet loads of anti-gay Christians have had divorces.

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