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  • Corporations are not people

    Perhaps one of the most senseless and unbelievable decisions made by the supreme court over the past century was the citizens united case. This case decided that corporations should have the same free speech rights as an individual, which simply makes no common sense. This law should be appealed immediately.

  • No not really.

    From what I understand corporate personhood means seeing the corporate as a whole as one individual. I do not agree or believe with that concept. I see a corporate as several different people, some of which are might break the law and deserve punishment, while others should be given a clean slate.

  • No, that's ludicrous.

    The idea of corporate personhood is one of the most ridiculous things I have ever heard. Of course it is. It first came out of the mouth of Mitt Romney, who was, perhaps, the most embarrassing presidential candidate the United States has ever seen. What a complete and total joke.

  • No I Do Not

    I do not believe in viewing corporations as a person. I don't quite understand the principals behind this push to make corporations the same as a person, but I have to assume it benefits the corporations. I do not think this should be allowed. Businesses are not people and they don't deserve that designation.

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