• It is real

    Trust me it is real it is really really real because we cant change our destiny and what is ahead of us as a human race all we know is the present and where we are now. Life is a choose your own adventure and it has a plan for everyone.

  • If we were to have fate or destiny that is predetermined we would have to think and act in a determined way.

    As we all know, only the machines and programs work in a determined way. Even the machines fall out of condition and perform in a different way.

    There's a theory that suggests that our thoughts CANNOT be predicted. Many thoughts come RANDOMLY into our mind. For example, you take a walk in the park and remember something in your past which isn't connected to anything you were thinking about or seeing during that day or even week. This is what I like to call a theory of RANDOMNESS. Another good example is an instinct of a living being. If a bee flies to extract nectar from the flower in a field, she does so randomly. One time it would even turn the other way and fly to another location. Her actions are not influenced by thoughts, but if they are, they're not influenced greatly. Just for the sake of argument, we'll add another example: If you plant the two same seeds in the same environment and give the same amount of water and nutrition to it, it can still grow out in a random shape, just like the leaf on a tree, or a four-leaf clover.

    Even if our thoughts do come randomly, we can choose to keep them and let them influence our actions, or not. That's where both instinct (which can be random) and free will come into place. And anything with a free will cannot be controlled and determined.

    Now lets take a CHANCE into consideration. This can be also called the theory of PROBABILITY. It is similar to randomness and sometimes its even connected to it. Say there is a decision you want to make, but it's 50% percent chance that you'll make one decision over the other. You made a blind pick. Let's rewind it and try that few times over and we'll see that the results are different. A chance is a chance and it can be random. Even if it's 1% chance it's still a chance and it's unlikely but possible. Some would argue fate using a cause and effect theory and saying that certain elements such as the environment or the actions of others can influence our actions and decisions. This is true BUT only to a certain extent. For this to be absolute, it would only apply to an environment strictly and only LIMITED with physical laws. But our minds are NOT limited by physical laws, or even logic, and thus we have our imagination, creativity and random thoughts.

    Even the forces and elements in nature can work in a non-determined or even unstable way. The forces can give uncertain results, such as the effects of radiation (radioactive decay). The kinetic force we apply to move an object will unlikely be of the exact same value, and even a small difference can make a noticeable change.

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