Do You Believe in Equal Rights for Women and Men?

  • Yes i do

    We are all humans, equal rights forever because we are all equal in our own way right? Lets all say yes to equal rights and support women in their struggle for independence. They have been pushed around for so long and that needs to stop. We are all people here.

  • Everyone Deserves Equal Rights

    Women and men all deserve equal rights no matter what country in which they live. We are all human beings. Even the Bible says, "Men respect your wives." So for patriarchal cultures who believe women should be subservient, even religious texts say men and women are on equal footing. There is no need for Dark Ages' thinking of how women should be seen and not heard. It's time to make women the de facto equal of men, not just on paper.

  • Equality is integral.

    I believe in equal rights for men and women of all ages, races, and creeds. But there will never be true equality throughout the world. If you look back to the first recorded history you will see that Earth has mostly been a glorified mens club, relegating women to a lesser stature.

  • Yes, they are both capable.

    Yes, I believe in equal rights for women and men, because what gender a person is born is not something they can help. Many women are very intelligent, and would be capable contributors in the workplace. Many men are compassionate and attentive, and would be excellent caregivers in the home. Someone should not be stereotyped into a role simply because of what organs they are born with.

  • There should be equal rights for men and women.

    We are all just humans and are basically alike. There is no real reason that both sexes shouldn't have the same rights. Women not having the same rights as men is outdated and is on its way out. Women can do things just as well as men. Woman are smart and deserve to have the same rights.

  • Men And Women Equal

    Everyone should believe in equal rights for both women and men. There's no reason that one gender should have more or less rights than the other. Only a bigoted person would say that men deserve more rights than women or vice versa. Therefore, equal rights is the true way of life.

  • Equality Is Important

    I believe that it is important to uphold equal rights for men and women. I believe both genders deserve to have them set of rights. There is no reason to hold one gender up, more than the other and doing so causes a lot of societal problems. I believe tipping the scale is either genders favor is a bad idea.

  • Yes, of course.

    What sort of silly question is this? Of course women and men are equal and deserve equal rights. Countries that do not allow this are backwards. We need to help work for that everywhere that it is possible. And equal does not have to mean identical, either, so different roles can still be filled if desired.

  • Women can do what they want

    People get judged by gender and what kind of jobs they do. Do you believe in equal rights for women and men? I believe in equal rights for women and men, women should have equal rights as men. This world should not be based on gender, because that is what tears the world apart. People say it is wrong for women to play football, but it is not wrong. Women can do what they want to do. People say that basketball is for men, and that girls don’t play basketball. Women can do whatever what they want.

  • Women are strong too

    I would support any women fighting in the front line alongside men because who said women can't build muscle too? If you're saying men can do bigger and better things than women as your argument, try again. Men can do the work differently, but women can accomplish anything as well.

  • Women are not Capable of the same things men are.

    In my opinion women are somewhat equal to men, but not 100%. Would you rather have men in your army fighting and protecting your country or women? Think the difference between men and women, the different attributes and qualities they have. Men are capable of bigger and better things. .

  • We believe in each other

    We all are made by the same person we might not look the same but we are all equal no matter what u feel or say toward each other. Life has been a direct irrelevant disagreement for many years. We all see the changes in the economies system and by the rights of all people of any color or race are becoming equal.

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DrakeNinjaFPS says2014-04-27T04:20:47.867
Yes all humans.
eApplet2 says2014-07-28T20:56:08.320
How in the hell was this even a question?

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