• So sad really so sad

    Many poeple think we evolved from monkeys! Get your facts together before bashing evolution. We simply share a common ancestor. AND YES I AM GOING TO BURN IN SOMEWHERE I DONT EVEN BELIEVE IN! If god loved me that much he would forgive me. He kinda sounds like a dictator

  • Creationists are SO dumb

    I was thinking about writing a really long text, but I feel like nothing I can say will change these brainwashed Creationists.. For all of you who don't believe in Evolution, STUDY it first!!!! You have NO idea what it is.. If you had, you would understand it and agree..

  • Yes,I agree with evolution.

    There is so much evidence for evolution that it is hard to not believe in it.For example,dinosaurs existed way before biblical times and many fossils have been discovered that support the theory of evolution and also the fact that humans and monkeys have common ancestors that lived thousands of years ago.

  • Please Please Please Read

    Where do dogs come from? I think if someone is trying to begin to conceptualize evolution one should attempt to understand the origin of our beloved household pet the domestic dog. See, dogs did not exist thousands of years ago no puddles, beatles, pugs, etc. But we know they currently exist, so where did dogs come from?? Think about it. Where? If they did not exist 20,000 years ago where did they come from. Dogs EVOLVED from wolves via artificial selection. See humans domesticated wolves and bred them to produce characteristics humans wanted. (Thats how you get specialized dogs like the the blood hound) That took humans a few thousand years, imagine if nature could select organisms for characteristics "it" wanted...What would happen then... Nature is a mad scientist.. Its called Natural selection. Nature has been doing to every species on earth what we did to wolves. However, nature has been doing this for hundreds of MILLIONS of years, not just 20,000 like we have been doing to wolves.

  • I don't believe in Evolution, I accept is as scientific fact

    This is no longer a debate. It is similar to debating that the world is flat, and the creationists are the flat-eathers. The evidence is stronger than ever. Day by day, it confirms that it is a fact. It is a certain to the same degree that historians believe on the existence of napoleon. Creationists are nothing but fact-rejectors and history-denyers

  • Is this a serious question?

    This is the only logical way we could've gotten here, regardless of what any Holy book says. There are so many simple factors that could disprove this theory, yet none has ever been found. I know this may be a weird thought, but we are just bacteria that evolved through genetic mutations. It is still happening today, such as some kids are being born without their wisdom teeth. It is time we stopped living in the past, like 40% of Americans, and just accept the truth

  • How else did we get here?

    Evolution is the biological explanation for how genetic mutations survive in harsh conditions that wipe out the original organisms, allowing the mutated organisms to thrive.

    You say we have no proof, yet whales have the genes for making legs. Chickens have the genes for making teeth. Even us humans have the genes for making tails. They have simply been deactivated. You say we haven't found any missing links between us and apes. Homo Erectus, Homo Habilis, homo Ergaster, Homo Denisova, I could go on and on. We have found tons of missing links everywhere. Mammal like reptiles, even things like archyoptryx, which are basically half bird, half dinosaur. You say that if we evolved from monkeys, why are there still monkeys. "Facepalm". That's like saying that if we came from Europe, there should be no Europeans.

    We did not evolve from the monkeys that you will see in a zoo. What occurred was that a single species of primate was in a lot of different places. At one point, a genetic mutation occurred in one of the areas. This certain mutation must have been necessary to survive, so that type of monkey survive. Let’s say that one monkey is born with extra intelligence. Then something happens like the monkeys lose their food source for a while. The monkeys that have evolved intelligence will survive by finding new ways to find food. Through similar methods they evolve to look like us. Don't talk about how unlikely this is. Hundreds, or thousands of other mutations will die out without being noticed. It's the successful ones that stick around. In another area with the original primates, the food source never disappears, so the genetic mutations have no reason to survive better than the other monkeys, so they just die without making a definitive difference on that primate population.

    Either way, how else did we get to where we are? Were we popped into existence by a magical being flying in the sky? DNA is made up of adenine, thymine, guanine, and cytosine. Miller and Urey proved that electricity can create these things under the right conditions. Then, the things mutate and one engulfs another, creating symbiosis. That is the first simple cell. Then that cell multiplies, and then they form colonies. The rest is just the process I described above.

  • Evolution is a Fact

    Evolution is both a fact and a theory. It has been observed in the laboratory and it is often considered to be the most evidently supported scientific theory in the history of science. Disbelieving in Darwin's day was one thing, but now we have both fossil and genetic evidence.

    "Evolution is almost universally accepted among those who understand it, almost universally rejected by those who don't."

  • IQ test for all scientists

    Id you believe in evolution, it is probably because you have seen any disease EVOLVE, you have seen cultures of insects ( because they have much shorter lifespans, therefore more generations) before our eyes change and evolve. If you don't, it is because you take the bible literally, have the wrong stereotype, and/or are plain refusing something we have actually taken video of!

    Definition of evolution: to change/adapt
    you don't even have to be living to evolve, if someone helps, when we learn we are evolving what our brains contain knowledge of. Any change, metaphorical to evolution ( as in we as a species evolve by gaining a breakthrough in technology EX: moon landing) or the literal term, evolution does not have to mean we will always evolve from apes, nor that we did, though it is true. Most stupid people tend to immediately turn off the already small thinking part of their brain when they here: yes we did come from monkeys, well it's true you just don't understand that god or no god, space is infinite therefore anything and everything exists, even areas where nothing exists. So out of infinite planets we are just living on one of them that came to have life even though we think nature tends towards chaos

  • Why do we think god can't be in evolution?

    God can be in evolution, if it is his plan ok DONE already fixed that. Now whether god is real we have little to no proof of, and it is a physiological thing humans do where we believe in "paranormal" things when we can't explain something, for instance: why are we alive? Well ok answered, but why do we exist? Well... Why? Complete coincidence? What? Well many immediately say, hmm..... GOD DID IT. So why?
    Maybe god did not do it? Anyway whether it exists or not, evolution does

  • God is the real creator

    Ugh you people out there that believe in evolution are wrong because God the creator of the heavens and earth created this world not a Big Bang! I am 12 years old but I am a very strong Christian and I know that God is the only one that could make this world and the people in it! I don't know about you but I would rather put my faith in a perfect God than in sinful humans! So please listen to me and know that God made the heavens and the earth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • It is impossible

    First according to evolution that birds evolved from reptiles. First what could have caused the reptiles to want to grow wings. Everyone I ask that believed in the theory said that it was from lack of food and/or to escape predators. Then I ask why don't the develop really good reflexes and quick speed and climbing ability. Also if the theory is true there would be thousands of suffering creatures with half developed organs and disabled to do many things. Also there are numerous missing links and a lack of evidence.

  • There is no scientific proof.

    There is no scientific proof for any of the evolutions except microevolution. There is skelton evedince that goes against evolution. In southern indiana there was a skelton found of a modern day human. It was 10 feet tall. Yet every skelton found that may have proved evolution real has been proved to be an ape or a regular human.

  • Rubbish!

    Human beings don't evolve, plain and simple. The theory of evolution is nothing but a theory and our so-called ancestors haven't evolved in thousands of years, all of a sudden this evolution has stopped and there is no in-between creatures? How ludicrous. Darwin also believed that whites were more evolved than Australian Aborigenes and blacks. Anybody who respects this man's theory only proves how un-evolved and low we are as a species.

  • No, the theory of evolotion disproves itself.

    The entire idea behind the theory of evolution is the adaptation of creatures and the survival of the fittest. Now say that monkeys evolved into humans, why did they evolve? According to the theory in order to survive. If that is truly the case, then why are there still monkeys around? Shouldn't they have all died off as the human was the "more fit" form to have? for that matter why are any creatures left in existence that we "evolved from"? Simply the most fit creature in the history of the planet should be present at the moment, but instead we see a planet full of diverse lifeforms.
    No, the theory of evolution is flawed and disproves itself.
    PS: Darwin himself did not believe his theory to be entirely accurate...

  • There must be something

    Ok so maybe we did evolve from chimpanzees. But why? Can we speculate "natural selection" and survival of the fittest? Yes, we can. But the fact is, we don't know for sure. Have we observed with one of our 5 senses the evolution of humans? No, we have not. Until we figure figure out hoe to go back in time, we cannot be sure.

  • This will be the most important thing that you read all day

    Ok tell me how did we get here if we were made from monkeys than how did the monkeys get here. God was the one that made us! In the beginning was the word and the word was with God and the word was God. How could nothing crash into nothing I mean come on people deep down you know that there is a God but I don't get why you don't believe it. God is perfect and we are not so we should trust in God our lord and Savior. One day God will come back and all those people that are not Christians will have a horrible life on earth. It would take me forever to explain but if you don't believe me read Revelations in the bible it will tell you everything. If one day people all over the world go missing they are Christians and after someone has a peace treaty with Israel it will be good for 7 years but after that God will prove that he is real and he will turn the waters to woodworm and send fire down from heaven people will die but during that time unbelievers will have a chance to become a Christian. If you don't believe me I tried to tell you and warn you. I don't want you to die and go to hell. What I say is true so please know that it all starts with Hod and you still have time to ask God into your lives.

  • Only Buffoons who only follow txtbks believe evolution

    Come on, first of all, how can evolutionist believe that? I mean, you believe that an explosion created the universe. An EXPLOSION OUT OF NOTHING. I can't/won't believe it. Also, people think we evolved from monkeys. They found out those skeletons were fake...Wait, but those weren't even skeletons, those were just skulls! And if any of you have seen a species form, or any evidence, let me know!

  • Look at the Facts!

    Okay, I will first say I'm a Christian, but I don't believe I need to use the Bible to prove evolution is wrong. Evolution, in itself, makes some sense in that creatures can change to adapt to their environments. However, NOTHING can evolve into a different creature. Darwin himself believed that, and his research shows multiple examples of GUESSES he made about whether or not life could have evolved into existence, but people teach them as facts! For example, the theory of evolution is like seeing broken car parts in a junkyard, and thinking "someday, that will be a brand new car, oh but no one will make it that way, it will evolve itself." That's ridiculous, right? The same could be said about looking at a single organism that some scientists ASSUME (without proof!) existed millions of years ago and thinking, "someday, that's gonna be a person." It actually takes more faith to believe evolution than it does in a Creator! The world shows multiple examples of INTELLIGENT DESIGN, but do we see proof of evolution? Some say that "Lucy" is proof, but really, Lucy was the fossil of an ape, and atheist scientists just didn't want to admit it. Also, if creatures evolved, why aren't there any in-between creatures alive today? Like a part human, part monkey evolving creature walking around somewhere? We don't see them today because they never existed! Scientists also can't find evidence of creatures before a certain point. They dig in the earth's crust, and have found about 5000 feet under the surface where there are no fossils (ucg.Org and The Neck of the Giraffe by Francis Hitching). Additionally, how could a creature reproduce while it was evolving? There has to be two of a creature to reproduce, so did evolving creatures reproduce to make more evolving creatures? And if so, WHERE IS THE EVIDENCE OF THIS? Also, how did plants and animals live back then, since they need each other to survive. Did ecosystems maintain balance all that time? How could they! They were too busy evolving, right? Plants and animals would have had to evolve at exactly the same time for either of them to stick around. It just doesn't make sense logically! In all of these cases, SCIENCE DISPROVES EVOLUTION! Think about it. (I got a lot of these basic ideas from ucg.Org and other websites, but the scenarios were all my own or ones I've personally discussed with others.)

  • Nothing comes out of nothing.

    So, the hen must be older than an egg. The information unmistakably points to an intelligence that invented the code, and there is always a purpose behind it.

    I have just been to three lectures on evolution/creation. There is an abundant pool of evidence that the evolution is nothing but wishful thinking. Darwin may perhaps be excused, for Mendel published his experiments around 30 years after his conception of the theory, and DNA was found responsible for the heredity. Electron microscope was also way in the future then, so Darwin could not know the unbelievably complex micro world in the cell. Chance? It seem irrational.

    More important, I have experienced answers to prayers. Read by the measurement of the biblical data, this gives reassurance and hope. The teachings of Jesus and the revelation of Scripture are logical and as moral standard, it have capacity to change the world into something desirable. There is no motivation for love in the cold fight to pass the best genes.

    I am happy that we are not obliged to accept anything other than what we find plausible. I am also glad that the only requirement for accepting the truth is a sincere heart. So, let's think on, and search on with an open mind.

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Anonymous says2013-05-07T23:39:36.197
It doesn't make sense for humans to be monkeys. Like monkeys, if you react to them, they don't actually understand you. So monkeys can't be existing. Plus, if the order from the Big Bang to the human, how come it's order is animals with no teeth, then teeth, no teeth and then teeth, and so on. That doesn't make sense in any way!