• Of course we have free will.

    I mean, I'm responding and voting, aren't I? I did this out of my own free will. No one forced me. I wanted to. A lot of things in our lives may already be predetermined for us, but at least we can still make our own choices, even if it may be as small as picking up that shiny rock or as something as large as important as marriage. The only time I can think of when we don't have any free will is in fiction--hell, even animals have free will. They chose to survive, don't they?

  • How could there be Free will?

    I can't even imagine a world where we could have free will. Free will does not even make sense to me, not even hypothetically. We don't choose the genes we get or what type of brain we get, we don't choose what parents we have or what country we are born in. We don't choose if we win the lottery or loose and even if we could choose, then why would we choose what we choose, because all the decisions we make or the opinions we have are made up by our brain working through the information it gets from the environment. I can see how you get the illusion that you can choose, when you go to the store you feel like you can choose if you get a strawberry shake or a chocolate shake but why did you want strawberry shake. Did you choose to want it more than the chocolate shake. Just try a thought experiment. Think of any city in the world. Okay some city's probably pop up in your head. Well you probably could not think of all the city's you have never heard of or did not remember at the moment , so there was no free will in choosing those city's. Okay now think about it, why did you choose the city you chose, why not some other city. Do you really know why? Your choice was only made by your brain working through information it has received from it's environment and experiences. The choice you made was in no way made by you having free will.

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