• Yes!!

    The evidence is here. The climate is changing. It is obvious that it is warming, and at an alarming pace. This needs to be taken seriously, before we kill this planet and everything on it. Noone can deny that the seasons are becoming one. It is scarey. The ice caps are melting.

  • Yes

    The ice caps are constantly melting and shrinking. The atmosphere is in a state of constant change. Animals are becoming endangered or extinct as a result of global warming. The evidence is overwhelming that global warming is a real thing. You are ignoring proven evidence if you do not believe in global warming.

  • We all gonna die

    Bruh, Why is everyone going and saying this shit isn't real. Like when every fucking scientist is going and saying that the earth is heating up, And you all listen to the one dude who's getting paid fat stacks by fucking Exxon and shit. Man that shit is weak as fuck.

  • Stop Lying to Yourselves

    Yes obviously global warming is a thing. It is man made. The only reason big time republican officials say it's not is because that would mean that the oil companies, that is causing global warming and giving tons of money to the republicans, would be shut down. They would lose money and that's all they care about. They don't care that there will be an amazon desert.

  • Not at all

    Its don't like it. Its stupid. Its stupid because global warming just does n n n n n not need any exclamation. Everyone knows its not a real thing and I don't know why some ppl think it is real,, and global warming is stupid, once again!! !! !! !!

  • Not at all

    Its don't like it. Its stupid. Its stupid because global warming just does n n n n n not need any exclamation. Everyone knows its not a real thing and I don't know why some ppl think it is real,, and global warming is stupid, once again!! !! !! !!

  • It is real.

    Duh. I mean, come one! Wake UP! Anyone who things global warming is fake is just someone who wants any money they can get, even if it means DESTROYING the one, perfect, and irreplaceable planet we have. Wake up, everyone. If you want to pass this planet on to the next generation, then you need to get your head out from under a rock.

  • Hell yes I do

    The world is getting warmer and the scientists have proof of that so how the freaking hell is it not real the people who said no just dont want to accept the cold hard truth and how can we live in a society with so much people polluting the world and why dont we accept it

  • There is no FRACKING WAY.

    One time I watched bill nye the science guy debate on it being Real and his big head can shut the frack up because global warming isn't real. Remember the ice age?????? Did people do that?? NO! It was the fracking squirrel. Also if the atrocious lie is somehow real, we can all just move to mars with the aliens.

  • Do you understand

    Its not a matter of believing in global warming, its a matter of understanding it. Climate change is not an opinion. Anyone that doesn't understand climate change needs to thoroughly research it, to get a better understanding of it.

    Climate change is where the carbon of the atmosphere is produced by animals breathing, plants decaying and volcanoes. Once they are produced, they circle around the earth and wait to be reabsorbed by trees, the ocean, and the soil. This process is known as the carbon cycle, although in recent times, (the last 250 years) humans have been digging the carbon out of the soil, and burning them to power electricity in houses or the transport of the public, with the booming population of the world, there's more people using electricity and cars creating more carbon. Humans have also been clearing lots of the worlds trees so they now cant absorb the carbon like what they did when the cycle was natural. Now the carbon in the atmosphere is building up at record levels off the charts, and the carbon of the atmosphere is like the world is you sitting inside a car, and the windows are the carbon in the atmosphere, the sunlight has no trouble getting inside the car, (like the suns rays penetrating the atmosphere) but once the rays bounce of you (the earth) but struggle leaving the car, (leaving the earths atmosphere) so the car heats up gradually (like the earth and global warming) but unlike being inside a car, the earth can open the door to cool off.

  • No

    Sorry Guys, there is actually no scientific proof to support any of Al Gores statements made in "The Inconvenient Truth." You'll actually find that most scientists actually disagree with many of the statements made. The earths average temperature has actually dropped by 2 degrees rather then risen. any changes made in wildlife are actually Earth made, not man-made

  • There is no way people can control nature

    When mother nature wants us off her planet, WE WILL BE GONE. In the meantime, it's a money grab. Just yet another way of one trying to control another. The planet is 4.54 billion years old and we (in all our infinite wisdom) have figured out the climate in the last 45 years. NO WAY!!! Sell crazy somewhere else.

  • Global warming is bull crap.

    Who would ever think that its real.....You got to be kidding me that its real. God created the earth.....Not stupid scientist. Your telling me its getting warmer? Then tell me why we had such a cold winter this year? Sorry but its not getting warmer....Weather varies from one year to another.....You flippin global warming believers need a conversion!

  • No way man

    So this is the deal. A few months ago it was quite warm outside my door step. That was in August I now recall. Now it is in the middle of December and, in my opinion, it's quite chilly out. How could Global Warming be happening if it is cold? Could it be my senses are deceiving me and in reality it is not cold out, but, there is a beast among us who can change our body temperature, giving us all the illusion of cold? One other cause for this sudden cold could be the lack of a sun. I have not seen the sun for a while now, and I am freaking out. This could actually be, I am now realizing, a result of myself doing nothing but sitting in my bed, playing chess with myself for the last fortnight. I don't have the answers to anything, except one thing. Global Warming? No way man...

  • I don't believe that if man made pollutants are causing climate change taxing my labor is the answer.

    Global temperature changes are undeniable. How many people discuss the 500 year mini ice-age ending around 1850? The mistake most hysterical well intentioned global warming frantic types make is that this is not a political issue.
    The leadership of the likes of Al Gore and other limousine liberals is so blatantly hypocritical it is laughable.
    My sympathy goes to the unfortunate younger generation. They are buying this scare tactic on a very long payment plan. Once carbon taxes begin it is a slippery slope to control all aspects of life that consume energy.
    Without worldwide agreement and cooperation true science needed to advance our knowledge about the climate is being diverted into state paid research designed to prove arguments supporting tax hikes.
    It is all about power and corruption. Rather than focusing on convincing the unconvinced, discuss your solution to your perceived global warming.
    Having been raised in Detroit when it was very polluted, (compared to now), I have seen great strides in emission controls. I hope to see more. L.A. Used to have smog from atmospheric inversions very often. L.A. Air is very clean now.
    The Artic and Ant Artic are not disappearing. They go through cycles. 10k years ago we were in the depths of a worldwide ice age. It is likely that CO2 from volcanoes halted it.
    Mt.. Pinatubo contributed more co2 than all of the automobiles ever produced.
    For every observation that confirms global warming one disproves it. It just isn't science until it is proven. During the 2000 election Al Gore suggested the Atlantic (where I live in FL.) would rise up to 3 ft during the next decade!! Now it is 30-50 feet by 2100......Things that make you go hmmmm. The Atlantic has dropped around 2cm since then btw.
    We are in the longest hurricane free period in Fl, since before the civil war. After we went through the alphabet in 04 and Katrina in 05, predictions were off the charts for the new reality in Atlantic hurricanes. I know that the lack of hurricanes doesn't equal climate change though.
    I notice the implied asterisk lately that after each dire warning about global warming it is said " global warming causes severe drops in temperature". This is of course to cover all bases.

    Methane from cattle farts is far more excessive than all automobiles combined. Google it if you wish, but it is often quoted.

    If you believe that manmade global warming is a reason to create draconian tax laws then at least you are honest. The fact is taxes will not change the temperature of the earth one degree.

  • No

    I think that the environment changes because that is what it does. There have been environmental things like warming and cooling going on for a long time and way before any of the things that as supposively causing it now were around. I think that what ever mother nature wants to happen will happen.

  • No, it is political hype.

    No, I do not believe in global warming, because it is dreamed up by people who want to impose a political agenda on other people. People only wish that they could control nature. People are small. The world is big. Humans cannot control nature. People just want to control others and tell them what to do.

  • Gas of life

    Why is our climate in peril while plants flourish in higher co2 concentrations? Ask a greenhouse gardener how much co2 he floods his greenhouse with. The natural cycle of co2 in the atmosphere says it all. What puzzles me is that they claim theres a 99% consensus on the matter of man made global warming. I believed science never really agreed on nature itself... Because it's always changing!

  • Global Warming is a hoax.

    I personally don't believe in Global Warming.
    The Earth is warming, so all of a sudden we're in a crisis and it's our fault?
    Earth is always changing and many people tend to avoid that thought or contradict their argument even if they admit that's true.
    This Global Warming mess is a hoax. What's going to happen when the Earth starts cooling? Oh my god it's global cooling!
    Humans released a new gas into the air causing Earth to cool down below the normal temperature.
    Humans haven't started recording temperatures long enough to preach what is normal and what isn't.
    Try recording temperature changes after a couple billion years, then we can say what's normal and what isn't.

  • It is part of evolution.

    The dinosaurs era was a tropical period. The ice age period was (obviously) the era of ice. Both of which have gone away, and I am pretty sure none of us were here to melt the glaciers during the ice age. The heating a cooling of the earth is part of mother natures process, which has been occurring for millions and millions of years. Sometimes we should not believe what we are told.

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