• I believe in God, because the concept of God hasn't changed since it's introduction

    In science it is not possible to prove with absolute certainty that a given explanation is complete and final. Some of the explanations advanced by scientists turn out to be incorrect when they are tested by further observations or experiments. New instruments may make observations possible that reveal the inadequacy of an existing explanation. New ideas can lead to explanations that reveal the incompleteness or deficiencies of previous explanations. Many scientific ideas that once were accepted are now known to be inaccurate or to apply only within a limited domain. -The National Academic Press-

    Scientific Fact: In science, an observation that has been repeatedly confirmed and for all practical purposes is accepted as “true.” Truth in science, however, is never final and what is accepted as a fact today may be modified or even discarded tomorrow. -National Center for Science Education-

    With the above statements in mind, the Christian faith hasn't changed since the Bible's existence. To specify, Christianity is not a broad, generalized religion as some might accuse it of being. Catholics aren't Christians...They're Catholics. I'll stray from differentiating them further. The Judeo-Christian Bible is as it has always been since it was collected from scrolls and translated. The creation of the universe is described and explained (Regardless of the depth) in Genesis and has not been modified or changed, whereas the application of Science concerning an explanation of the creation of the Universe has only one constant...That it is always changing. It stands to logical reason that for such a strong and solidified explanation of the origins of the Universe, it sure does change frequently. How much of your body weight would you rest upon something that currently appears to be sturdy, if you knew that historically it has no permanent physical state? How much conviction can you muster for a belief that cannot be consistently relied upon due to the fact that its very nature is that it changes depending on how many people test it?

    So you may continue to adjust your faith every so often when someone new comes along and proposes that your faith is wrong based on scientific theory that cannot ever be final by definition. As for me, I'll stick with the faith that doesn't shift from under my feet every decade.

  • Without a doubt!

    I have had numerous experiences, in my life, where the outcome was not what was predicted/expected. I am talking about life or death circumstances. When you see prayers answered, then you know there is a God. When you have medical doctors look at you and shrug, because they cannot explain how something happened ... You realize a Divine power was at work. I even had one doctor tell me to "thank the Almighty", because this (outcome) defied everything that he was taught in Med School. Obviously, miracles still happen and science cannot explain everything. There's real beauty in that.

  • Yes, I do.

    The question is :"do I believe in God?"

    The real question should be, why shouldn't I?

    Everything exists through God and nothing will or ever exist without him. If you're and atheist, and you think there is no such thing as God or that we are our own "God", then my friend, you need help. How do you think this world was created then? The big bang is impossible and is still a theory. So is evolution. But guess what? Historical scripts have proven that Jesus was not a theory or a popular myth, but a real person.

    Big bang equates to something like this: Factory explosion happens, and a new car just appears. People, stop believing what you don't even understand with clarity.

  • God, the creator of the universe.

    Look around you, what do you see? You see the trees, the people, and all of the plants. God created them all just by speaking. At night you look up at the sky with all of the stars, an innumerable amount and God has a name for everyone of them, along with every one of the planets. Now you look at all that and think 'how could evolution explain that'? It can't! How can can everything come from nothing? It can't! The only way that all of the things of the world can be maid is by a creator, God.

  • God is real

    Everybody needs god if you don't have him you don't have anything. In the if you've been good god will take you in but if you've been bad you will be sent to everlasting fire of hell. So follow him and you shall be saved. Just think he died for you so you should pay him back."for god so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that whosoever believeth in him should not parish but have everlasting life"john 3:16 kjv.

  • Why wouldn't I?

    I've seen things with my very own eyes. People don't just grow legs back and get their eyes to work for no reason, do they? The reason so much of this goes unnoticed is because it doesn't get much media coverage, I don't know why. That proof was all I need. No doubt God exists.

  • God does exist.

    I believe in evolution. I believe that science can explain most phenomena. But what created that first spark that led to life? To evolution even being a thing? Spontaneous generation is a theory, but how did that first lightning strike choose pond water to strike and how did that create life as we know it?

  • All roads point to Him

    When looking at evidence for the existence and non existence of God you really need to take in the full scope of all evidence. There are some very good logical and scientific evidence that points toward a creator. That would include the existence of objective morality, fine tuning of the universe, historically valid accounts of Jesus and that the universe had a beginning. This transcends the personal experiences that we all have and gives us something we can show to others.

    Science has never been able to disprove God and in my opinion has only strengthened the arguments for the probability of God's existence. Science is a limited view of our world with many theories built on presupposed concepts. Though I love science and it has done so many wonderful things for humanity, as to explain the origin of life it is a bit constrictive.

  • I believe in God, but I wouldn't call myself religious

    I do believe in God, but I wouldn't label myself as any particular religion. I was brought up a Catholic, but as I got older and realised that I actually didn't agree with most of their beliefs (e.G. On homosexuality, abortion, marriage, women etc.) I stopped going to church. Having said that, I do pray every night before I go to bed. I think that religious beliefs are very personal and private, and I would rather pray by myself than go to church and pray with others. On the other hand, while I believe in God, I don't believe 95% of what's written in the Bible, because it wasn't written by God- it was written by men and is subject to their biases and personal opinions (which is why it's so sexist). I believe God created the world, but I also believe in evolution and numerous other scientific theories. Science and religion don't have to be mutually exclusive.

  • Yes he's there.

    God is hope and he is love. He's the reason I can get through my days. When you our prayed for I am given love through God he's there, I can feel it. He's the reason we live good lives. I may not see him but I feel him when I look up I know he's there.

  • God Is A Product Of The Human Mind:

    Apart from there being no empirical evidence for a God, neurology is developing knowledge of how the human brain developed the notion of God in the first place. It appears that God may simply be the product of Hallucinations, Abraham, Moses, Joshua, Solomon, Muhammad, Jesus, Saul, Aquinas, Ellen White all suffered Hallucinations, that they thought were real. This is the most probable reason for the Judaic, Christian and Islamic religions and their God. There are as many God's as there are believers, because everybody has a different brain, brains are like fingerprints, every single one is wired differently. Thus no two people on the planet have exactly the same vision and notion of God. I like the question I read years ago:
    "If it is considered insanity to believe strongly in your own hallucinations, then, what is when you strongly believe in somebody else's Hallucination????"
    In that case: God is the product of Insane People, and followed by even less sane people!

  • Lack of Evidence comes a Lack of Belief

    In this Opinion on the opposite side I've seen only refutable arguments with most of them with a basis of "I truly and honestly believe it and you won't understand my undeniable experiences". However there's a few things wrong with this and the main problem is that people understand you might be honest but your personal experiences has no impact on what's actually true therefore nobody cares about your personal experience. The second thing I've noticed is that some claim there's evidence as well as others claim that miracles happen however no evidence has ever come about and also there's a misrepresentation of the opposing side (atheism). I'll give everyone here the best possible definition of an atheist that can't be twisted by the opposite side of the argument. "An Atheist is one who reject's only the claims of a particular deity or set of deities made by only one particular religion due to not having evidence to support that claim".

  • Three word s

    There are so many things that prove not, but in the end it comes down to what you feel. I lost my brother to Histiocytosis after a battle with Leukemia , Since I was only 9 when he died , I didn't really acknowledge religion till recently. If God was real and was trying to make lives best , why would he take away things so dear to us. Why would he curse us with horrible (some incurable) diseases? This is just me as a girl, I may change my beliefs as I grow stronger but for now , I'm fine with annoying my friends' strict christian parents.

  • There is no evidence

    There have been thousands of religions throughout the world, all with different religious beliefs and their concept of god or gods. What is to say that one certain religion is correct, and all the other thousand are wrong? There is no solid evidence for any of the religions, and they all say they are the only true religion. How can they all be right?

  • Good isn't logical

    I'm atheist. Nothing you can ever say will change who I am. If god existed why does he allow suffering. If god existed how come so many people deny is existence. If god existd why doesn't he prove it? Unfortunatly, religion will continue to dodge these questions and preach an untrue ssermon

  • I don't believe in God, I believe there is God.

    There are a lot of things I can't never accept the dogmatic religion, which it forces us to believe or else, hell ? Let's have some understanding, it is written in the holy book that if we do not believe in God, we will be born in hell and suffer forever. Of course, I can't accept that. I have these few questions that I think nobody could give the best answer for me: 1. What is the year a God was born? If the holy book is right that we will be born in hell if we don't believe in God, then how many billions of living beings, uncountable numbers had died out, where would they be born in ? Because God had not arrived yet. 2. How is a life of a person which was just born from their mother's womb and faced death? Where would they be born in? It is really unfair for the baby. 3. It is unfair to all beings who suffer so much, dying from starving and sicknesses, and yet, God did not show up. They are the main reason I can't accept in dogmatic religion.

    There are still a lot of things I can't agree with, but, just to sum up as I wrote in the above. The one I practice is only buddhism, because it explains about life, it explains mental difficulties and the technology of the mind, how our life works in this life and in the after life, that's what makes sense to me. I hope all readers are clear about this. You can agree about it or not, it is not my problems at all, it is one's life, one's choice, one's decision, and I appreciate that. May all beings be happy and well.

  • I believe what can be proven with science

    I am happy to accept anything as a theory. But I will not accept it as a fact until there is substantial evidence to say so. There is a lot of faith involved in religion and I understand that faith is important to those who choose to follow religion. I have many friends who I don't analyze with science who I have put my faith in, my difference, is that to some degree I can measure there merit. I can watch them do good or do bad. Now many claim that the god of Christianity works in our lives every day, but one person will be praising god for finding her lost keys while another prays her missing child of 8 years will still come home safe. So there has been little to show what this gods priority are and nothing to say this are its priority in the first place. Until evidence can present itself to prove that this god does not only exist but that he is also of good merit I will put my faith in fact.

  • God doesn't exist

    When what you call a "miracle" it is actually a probability like one in 100 chance. Also when those religious people say that you cant see what happened before the universe started, yoiu can say the same thing about god. How did he become god? Who is he? When does he exist? However people can have faith and hope. Saying god exist and he helped me in front of a atheist doctor, its not a good idea. We cant just say god exist, we need to know more before we can open a opinion.

  • I do not

    Around the age of 15-16 I met this guy named Nolan. To this day he is one of my closest friends but he was the first person to ever introduce the concept of Atheism to me. I didnt ever think not believing in god was an option, but he explained to me about Evolution and Natural Selection and The Big Bang etc. and every question I had about the Universe and my existence had been answered. I never "came out" as an Atheist until I did TONS of research on my own time and became well educated on the subject. It just makes much more sense than any religion ive ever heard of.

  • No evidence, no logic.

    Any "evidence" to support Gods existence are in a majority composed of peoples anecdotal testimonies. No one rational minded would just take someone's word for a claim. Extraordinary claims, needs extraordinary evidence, as they say. This is a main reason why simply having blind faith is gullible and not in concurrence with knowledge. And usually, theists say that there is no evidence to disprove God, yet they forget that not believing is the default view and having a belief earns the burden of proof.

    Aside from the tremendous lack of evidence, why is it even necessary for there being a God? Who wants an eternity of divine parental supervision? I rather use critical and logical thinking in the present reality we all live in, governed by the laws of physics, and not a man-made concept.

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Sagey says2014-01-19T03:46:18.170
Many still haven't grasped the definition of a "Scientific Theory ":
Sagey says2014-01-19T03:47:05.487
A Scientific Theory, is not a casual Theory, as it must have Empirically, Verified, Factual Evidence, before it can become a Theory.
If there is no Empirical, Verified Factual Evidence, then it is only an Argument like the God Exists Argument.
At the highest (without Evidence) the God Exists argument can ever be is a Hypothesis.
So, because Evolution is a Theory, it has verified, supportive, empirical evidence supporting it.
In fact, it has more supporting evidence than any other Theory in existence, thus it is the Strongest, most verified Theory that exists today.
For 160 years, Scientists have been trying to disprove Evolution, because science is about proving Theories wrong, not about supporting them, and in the last 160 years of trying to discredit Darwin and show that he was wrong, they could not find any.
All the new evidence discovered since Darwin, only supports his Theory.
When genetics was discovered, scientists thought that "At Last We Have Something To Destroy Darwin's Concepts", but to the utter dismay of geneticists, they failed miserably, genetics only made Darwin's concepts stronger. Thus it is still the strongest Theory of all Theories.
Sagey says2014-01-19T04:10:30.227
Oh, I forgot to mention, a Hypothesis must adhere to scientific methods, thus it needs to be testable by applying scientific means.
Since the God Argument was not produced from application of scientific thinking or methodology, it remains only an Argument.
"God Did It": It is a Theological argument, not a scientific hypothesis.
Creation or God Did It All, was dressed up to appear to be more Scientific, so as to make it appear teachable in Science class.
Though Theological Arguments have nothing to do with science.
Scientific Hypotheses are taught in science classes as not yet proven concepts, but Arguments don't get a mention.
ID tried hard to make itself a Hypothesis, but since the Methodology behind the formation of ID is not Scientific, as it is still Theological.
Thus I.D. Remains a Theological Argument and should never get a mention in any rational Science class, EVER.
The reason ID is a Theological Argument, is because the Blind Watch-Maker, pre-existed their investigations.
In other words, they tried to make their observations support a preconceived Divine-Watch-Maker conception.
In real Science, there is no Preconceived Conclusion. The Conclusion Arises From The Experimentation and Results.
ID has produced no Experimental, or Observational results that produce an Occam's Razor refined, rational result of "It Must Have Come From A Divine-Watch-Maker.

Thus ID cannot even be considered as a Hypothesis.
As far as science goes: ID is Irrational and Wrong.
cbcullen84 says2014-01-19T22:45:06.777
Scientific theory cannot ever be final or complete. Stephen Hawking is a member of the National Academy of Sciences, the same academy that claims Scientific theory "Can Not" be final or complete.