• Heaven is inside you

    Yes I believe in heaven, but as a state of mind, although I am not a Christian, I think Jesus sums it up nicely when he say's,

    "Neither will people say here it is, or there it is, because the kingdom of heaven is withiin you."

    Jesus Christ

    The mind is its own place, and in itself, can make heaven of Hell,

    John Milton

  • Yes, I do

    I will be the first one to admit, there have been times that I've questioned whether or not heaven/God was real. However at the end of the day, I do believe in heaven and I believe in God. It's nice, and also important, for people to believe in something in order to get through the tough times.

  • Another Life.

    I do believe in heaven. We are blessed each and every day and that is not just a result of luck. We are given chances to become the best that we can be so that when it is our time to leave this earth we can let go of the stress and be rewarded with another life.

  • Yes, I believe heaven is real

    Yes, I believe heaven is real. I believe in the word of God, the Bible, and in that heaven is clearly stated to be real. Besides, if life were to just end abruptly what would be the point? There are many accounts of people who saw parts of heaven or visited and returned to earth. It’s truly amazing!

  • It is real.

    People all over the world have died and witnessed heaven and the after life before coming back. They can not be dreaming, because you need to be alive in order to dream. I believe in god and Jesus. I do not want to die and just go into eternal sleep.

  • What about religion?

    However, their stay in Heaven is not eternal—eventually they will use up their good karma and will undergo rebirth into another realm, as a human, animal or other being. Because Heaven is temporary and part of samsara, Buddhists focus more on escaping the cycle of rebirth and reaching enlightenment (nirvana)

  • Hope, believe, live

    The universe is vast and amazing and I belive in a creator. I don't know what religion I any has it right, but I belive in A higher power and that we all have a soul. Something in us that lives on somewhere and somehow when our bodies do not. There is too much beauty in the world to not belive in souls and a creator. Our minds cannot possibly fathom such a thing, and maybe that's kind of the point. We belive and we hope, and we live every day to the fullest.

  • Heaven is real

    Heaven is real because God is up there waiting until it is the right time to take us. God loves us and knows what's best so he chooses our time to leave earth. Don't you believe in Heaven?
    Of COURSE it's real look in the bible, the word of the Lord

  • Yes heaven is real.

    I believe that heaven ia s real because we all need to beleive insomething and if that belief is heaven then so be it. Without any belief you have no goal or aim in life that you strive towards during the the time of your mortal life. Therefore heaven is needed by all to be able to live a useful life.

  • Evolution's logical flaw, and if there's discontinuity in logic somewhere, then the whole theory is flawed.

    Everything must come from something, we came from our parents that came from their parents which came from apes all the way down the evolutionary chart to single cell organisms. But how does something start? How can this cycle of evolving start? That answer remains very vague and more of a guess than actual scientific findings. Moreover, where did the universe come from? Where did matter come from? The obvious answer is the big bang, which came from something that came from something and everything is a precursor to something, except the start. So how did the universe and matter start? Scientist have proven that matter cannot be created, so that is not a plausible solution. Matter could not have always been here because that is not logical either, since everything must have a beginning. So how did the beginning of matter come up? A widespread amount of scientists today reason that there is no logical answer to the question "where did matter come from". Thus, if there is no logical solution we must turn to illogical solutions, God. Same thing happened in the math realm where we created "i", representing an imaginary number. Where did matter come from also relates to the question what makes up matter. One can always divide matter down to atoms, down to quartz, down to the Higgs-Boson. But if you infinitely divide something, the answer will always be something that can still be divisible. It is a never-ending loop that cannot have a logical beginning, but there has to be a solution as there's a solution to everything. Where logic fails, illogical answers prevail, so there has to be some kind of super-natural high power being that is not bounded by logic, and I believe that higher power is God who has made Heaven and Earth.

  • Heaven exists in the same way that Santa Claus and the tooth fairy exist.

    Lets be clear - there is absolutely no evidence for the existence of heaven. Its a nice idea, but that does not make it real. Most people believe in heaven because of a combination of factors, including fear of death, and what they have been taught growing up. Religion is simply an accident of birth - most people remain in the same belief system as what they were taught, in the same way that most people do not change they way they walk, tie their shoelaces etc from what they were taught as children.

  • It's Simply Bollocks.

    Fear. Stupidity. Ignorance. Power of the Church. Control. Mediaeval superstition. Human beings arrogantly believe they're simply too important to cease to exist. Our footprint on the earth has existed for such a relatively short time and yet we still act as though the earth was created just for us and that the heavens are where we will reside by divine intention. Ridiculous!

  • There's no hell. And probably no heaven either.

    First off, there's no evidence for either heaven or hell. Even if there were to exist an all-loving, all-just God, it does not logically follow that he would banish people to hell for all of eternity for temporary sins. Especially based on a criteria of BELIEF and not even MORALITY.

    An 11-year old boy with a near death experience with heaven does not constitute as evidence. I'm sorry, but it doesn't. Although my senses tell me to trust a young boy's integrity, his lucidity was impaired. There is no way to verify that this event was non-delusional. It is difficult to find a natural explanation for many things, but that doesn't mean that we should reach into the supernatural because of our lack of knowledge.

    I don't believe in an after-life. I would go as far as to say that it is 99.99% likely that this life is all we have. But I'm ok with that. The fact that our lives are finite means that we should make the most of every minute, and there should be no limits to our endeavors. If consciousness was infinite, there would be no reason to do anything (since there would be no time constraints). And it would be terrible knowing that there is no retirement. Living a nice long, finite life sure beats living forever. This is probably all we have, so let's enjoy it with the people we love (:

  • I believe in today.

    I believe in doing my best while I live. Bible is an ancient book. I think it was made to make people believe in something to make their life easier. Faith is a strong tool to keep some people going. I believe in today. Making the most out of every day I live. And all these stories about people in coma who visited heaven and saw something... Were created by their own brains being in stress, etc. I believe in evolution, as it has more proof than just one single ancient book written by people.

  • No, I don't believe in heaven.

    Heaven is a place that makes people feel better about their lives on earth. They think that all the issues that they have will go away one day and everything will be perfect. Heaven helps them get by in life. The sad thing is that its not real. It was just made up a long time ago.

  • It's not logical

    From the explanations of others on the subject, each person uses the concept to fulfill their own apprehension about becoming a non-entity. Some goal after spending a lifetime on earth. Each person's heaven differs from the others. The difficulty is in knowing that one day you will be no more.

  • Absurd!

    The notion of an afterlife has been put in place as a comfort to those who are afraid of death. It is one of the main reasons religion is able to maintain its' choke-hold on many people. At the heart of it all as I said above, is fear. Ignorance produces fear, and that fear in this case manifested itself (because of the lack of sufficient information / knowledge) in belief in an afterlife. It is because our brain evolved so large so quickly that it was starved of new information as we could provide it with only so much (fear is a powerful motivator and some explanation is better than none). That is when we made up superstitions and religion and over thousands of years until the introduction of the scientific method have we been chained to them. It is time to break the bonds and free your minds of the tyranny that has become religion.

  • It's highly unlikely.

    Come on, guys. You know there's no good reason to believe in an afterlife. Every abrahamic religion has a different version of the same delusion, and there is absolutely no proof that any such dimension exists. It's merely an element of wishful thinking, and it has managed to pollute the minds of all too many people.

  • Not a chance!

    There is no concrete evidence of the existence of heaven nor is there any way to prove it. Also scientific evidence is much stronger and has been proven. WE HAVE EVIDENCE FOR SCIENCE BUT NONE FOR HEAVEN!!! What else do we need? What more evidence needs proving before people understand heaven is not real?

  • Its very unlikely

    Mabye its not impossible but there's no evidence any form of afterlife exists.
    It seems everything is pointless. To live a short mortal life is just as pointless as an eternal existence. Im trying not to think about it too much as it will drive me nuts.
    I guess we just have to enjoy this absurd life while it lasts, what else can we do?

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