• Yes, Hell is real.

    The Bible clearly states that Hell is real, even in the original Greek and Aramaic. Hell is a place where those that do not accept God's free gift of salvation go for their crimes. It is a horrible, painful place I do not want anyone to go to. I do all I can to keep one more soul out of Hell.

  • The Bible says yes

    The Bible does tell us hell is real. Why else would Jesus have given us so many warnings, such as the parable of the sheep and the goats? I don't know if it's called hell, but there is no doubt in my mind that the concept of eternal suffering for unrepentant people is in the Bible.

  • Yes, and it Terrifies Me.

    I was raised as a Christian, and yes, I do believe in hell. When I was younger I never really thought about it much, I just believed. You're good, you don't sin, you believe in God, you accept Jesus, you go to heaven; you sin, etc., you go to hell. And back then when I'd think about it, I'd picture it by its mainstream appearance; red devil with the horns and pointy tail, surrounded by fire and all the bad people of the world. As I've grown older I've read the Bible more and read the descriptions of hell; eternal suffering, eternal torture. It'd be easy to just say "Oh, it doesn't exist" and continue to go on doing whatever you want. But what if you're wrong? Believing in it or in God doesn't hurt; if you're wrong by believing in it, okay, you die, the end. If you're wrong by not believing though..I'd prefer not to spend every last second of my existence being tortured.

  • Hell is real

    Luke 16:19-31 speaks of hell as a real place of suffering, and the context does not say this was a parable. Even if it were a parable, all the parables of Jesus were drawn from everyday events in life. Christ's drew his parables from things his disciples were familiar with. If one believes hell is a pagan teaching, they are saying that Jesus borrowed from pagan false religion for his illustration, which is very unlike Jesus.

  • Hell? Oh Heck Yes!

    Not believing in Hell is like not believing fire burns if you touch it. Jesus Christ warned about it more than Heaven. That's enough for me to believe. Someone once asked the famous mystic Padre Pio, What he thought of modern people who didn’t believe in hell. His terse reply was, “They will believe in hell when they get there. ”

    Is it possible to believe in hell? Surely, When faced with Auschwitz, Hiroshima, The Gulag and the killing fields, The question should be, “Is it possible not to believe in hell? ”

  • Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes,

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  • I believe so though I am not a Christian

    I am not a Christian, hence I may not be familiar with the teachings of Bible. But I have read up on the 7 deadly sins vs virtues, which sounds reasonable to avoid vs live by on Earth.

    I think hell would be a place where people get punished for living selfishly or excessively indulgently on Earth. And for consistently offending any of the 7 deadly sins.

    But I certainly hope that it is not for eternity, and that the punishment will be brought to its minimal intensity as possible. When the people being punished have learnt their lesson, they should be allowed to be reborn, and try again for a better way of living.

    I am 27 this year. Though I may have sinned at times (to a small extent I believe), I do learn from my mistakes to be better. Hence, I believe my past record will not place me in hell so far, though I don't deny the possibility, given that I have many more years to go in life.

    But I am keeping myself in check very strictly, and enjoying life on Earth at the same time. Hell doesn't sound like a pretty place to be in.

  • Hell doesn't exist. Stop being so paranoid.

    You people who believe in hell should stop worrying over such useless things. I am hoping you guys are just kids who are trolling. What are the chances that an eternal punishment from a fictional book exists. Even if the bible was the true word of God or something it says he loves you. If he loves each and every one of us equally would he send you to eternal damnation. ETERNAL which means forever, no end. I am genuinely concerned if you really do believe in being tortured forever for "committing a sin."

  • Believing in god is the longest running self delusion of the ages

    Be completely honest with yourself and ask why you choose to believe such foolishness?

    You are afraid of death... You are afraid of what happens when the darkness swallows your consciousness.

    Instead of being another mindless believer in story's and ideas created by other human beings from millennia's ago understand that death is not the enemy. God and religion are just the opioid drug for the people who are terrified of death and dying.

    When your time comes don't be afraid. Its as painless as falling asleep like you've done countless times already.

    So don't let these fools or any HUMAN sell you a bull@#$% story and make you afraid of dying. It is the natural process and is painless as going to sleep every night nothing more.

  • Religion is a excuse

    Religion has been a excuse through history for power or a way to scam people of money, and believing in it is a way to make you feel better about yourself that their isnt something after life and you will be rewarded but lets be honest a women gets pregnants and states its not her kid, and says god did it, she made a excuse so they wouldnt kill her for cheating on him and people believed her.

  • Yes i do

    Hell doesnt make up for what they do and hell is excessive punishment and two wrongs dont make a right. I dont beleive in a supernatural hell but i beleive in hell on earth. Y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y

  • No I don't believe there is a hell

    Only people that believe in hell should go to hell. People that don't believe in hell want eye for eye not excessive punishment which is worse than the offense. Punishment should not be worse than the crime or sin. If hell was fair hell would be eye for eye and people that attacked someone once would be attacked in hell once and then be reborn on earth with no memories so they could live life over again and have another chance at heaven. Really what people do in one lifetime isn't enough to determine what they will be like forever I think so I mean what's the point in punishing them forever in hell if it doesn't make them better people and if they don't deserve it because they wouldn't always be that way. And if anyone deserves hell shouldn't it be for ones that would support eternal punishment or an eternal offense that they would get eternal punishment for. And if there was a god that was all powerful why would the god send them to hell when god could change who they are and stop them from being able to do evil by taking away their free will. The problem of evil if god was good why would a god that could prevent evil allow evil and then send people to hell for eternal torment for doing evil which he allowed I don't think that makes since for him to send them to hell, I don't think its fair.

  • If hell is real what does that say about God's goodness?

    In the book of Genesis God creates all and finds each thing to be good. That would mean that God created hell and hell is also good. This does not match the term of hell as used today in Christianity. If you believe God is all good, loves all of his creations, knows all that has happened, all that is happening and knows what will happen why would he than create a man, knowing he is going to merit a place in hell? Yes free will is going to be an answer to this question but this would mean God said, here you have a choice in life but if you don't choose my way you get to take the highway to hell. An example would be giving a child a game, making him look at it in anticipation of playing and than saying, if you touch this I am going to punish you. Why would you give someone something to use as they choose, free will, and than punish you for using it?

  • It is a mis-translation

    The English word hell is a mis-translation, either intentional or not, of 4 different Hebrew and Greek words. The Hebrew words "sheol" and "Gehenna" were translated as "hell" in many English bibles. The fact is that "sheol" means unseen, or grave. Its use as hell is inconsistent and some fairly easy research will show the average Bible student that hell, as a place of eternal torment, should at least be seriously questioned.

    Gehenna is an actual, physical place right next to Jerusalem. It is also known as the Valley of the Sons of Hinnom. It is mentioned in the Old Testament in Jeremiah as a place where worship to Molech, a Canaanite god, by the Israelites took place. This worship required the sacrifice of children by burning alive. God said the place would be destroyed by fire, which it was. The area was kept alight and used as a garbage dump for many years. This word is found in Luke where Jesus tells his apostles to fear him who can kill and send you to Gehenna (not hell). The apostles were afraid in this passage of the unruly crowd that was already trampling itself, Jesus was stating that death in this crowd would result in just that, death. Death which would be followed by the extremely important burial with their families. The Jewish ruling religious class had the authority to have a persons (presumably a criminal) body thrown into Gehenna and burn or be eaten by maggots- a terrifying thought- rather than to be honored by a family burial.

    "Sheol" is simply "grave" or "unseen" (when you are buried you are unseen). One would wonder why Job would ask to be taken out of this life and sent to hell, to escape the misfortunes he suffered. Would Job have rather burned in hell?

    The two Greek words are "Hades" and "Tartarus." Hades is the matching translation for "sheol." Tartarus is only mentioned once as a place where the fallen angels are kept until judgement. There is plenty of evidence suggesting that Tartarus was a Greek mythical place where the Greek gods went to await judgement and that its use in the Bible stemmed from that fact.

    God will not burn or torture men 'forever' for making any 'mistakes' or sinning, or failing to believe after a short life span that is 'as a vapor.' Hell is used as a doctorate of fear by many Christians and it is deplorable.

  • No evidence for Hell

    The Bible claims there is a Hell. The Bible was written by humans. There is no evidence that the Bible is more special or magical than any other book written by humans. There is no evidence that God inspired the Bible, there are only unsupported claims. Outside of the Bible, there is no evidence that points towards the existence of anything remotely close to Hell. There is no evidence of spirits either. The concept for burning for eternity makes no logical sense. People can be severely burned or burned to death on Earth currently.

  • No, but not what you may think.

    If one studies the Bible in depth you will discover that "Hell" is a word describing a state of being. When a person dies, christian or not, they cease to exist. Our hope is that God backed us up like a program on a computer. That is why the reference your "name" in the book of life means.

    Posted by: Civ
  • No

    I do not believe in Hell, as I have not seen it. As far as a place, it is yet to be proven to exist. Metaphorically, according to religion, Hell is a place where lost souls go for damnation. I am sure many religious people believe it is the polar opposite to heaven, but no one knows if that exists either. Until I see it, I refuse to believe it. Hell is a state of mind.

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