• If astrology is completely untrue, then why am I always attracted to aquarius and gemini

    All the guys I like are born in june, esp around 20th June, or in February. There's strong attraction which leads me to research about them and find out their birthdays. I think that most astrological articles online are incorrect. I base my beliefs on my personal experience. But, I must say that attraction between opposite signs is real, as I am a water sign strongly attracted to air signs.

  • I don't know what to think

    You'll have to beg my ignorance to all this ive simply just had I quick look on the Internet while a little bit tipsy I'm a 27 year old nurse and love my job and would help anyone ( anyway not gonna get Into it )

    This makes me sound harsh but in the mind set of..You do what a policeman says and a fireman and a doctor but from my 8 year experiance nurses get everyone ignoring arguing and even being aggressive to them...Anyway sorry about the life story but this is what started me looking at horoscopes and virgos trying in my tipsy state to try and work out if I'm s good personand honesty the couple of long winded pieces I read had me down to a tee!! However I do not believe that the month your born in can make you who you are deffo not! But I can't believe how spot on they had me! Is it just s trick so everyone feels that way HELP! Sorry for Going on! Xx

  • Based on an ancient world view

    Astrology assumes that the stars move, An ancient world view that no one accepts today. It was developed at a time when people assumed that the earth was fixed and moving stars could impact individual lives. The charts that are developed to describe the impact that the stars will have on your life are pure conjecture.

  • Not scientifically proven

    No, I never read my horoscope because I believe it not real or should I say FAKE. I don’t believe I it because there is no scientific proof that it is actually real. I think horoscope answers can relate to anyone or almost anyone around the word who is living a normal life.

  • It's idiotic and makes no sense

    My parents believe in horoscopes and it's honestly just really stupid. They use it for everything... Getting jobs, having children, naming children, getting married, etc. It's just unrealistic and old-fashioned. It really doesn't prove anything and it's something that people of the past used as a scapegoat. No one should believe in them.

  • False and Unreal.

    It doesn't prove it's real. This makes no sense. Many people believe in horoscopes, but in my opinion, this is a real waste of time. No offense to those who believe. Horoscopes are a great hobby for people who like constellations and stars, but not for me. I like vídeo games and technology.

  • My opinion here

    I do not believe in horoscope because for me is always wrong, for me this is related to a type of discrimination,and personalities that the horoscope says station not always right,personalities that the horoscope says station not always right,and personalities that the horoscope says station not always right.Its my opinion

  • Just for fun

    Horoscopes may be fun to read, but it is honestly so generalized that it could relate to anyone. I usually just read them if I'm bored, but I don't believe in them. Its just something fun to do and it shouldn't be taken seriously. No offense to the ones who do believe in them... :)

  • No Scientific Proof, Discrimination in Itself

    Firstly, astrology is based on astronomy, which arguably is scientifically proven. However, labeling people born under certain stars is based on casual observation of people born under similar stars and selecting common areas while disregarding unique areas of personality. Therefore, it can be argued that it is not reliable because everyone is a unique autonomous being while astrology regards a person as a thing under their sign.
    Secondly, it is discrimination. It is discrimination because no one can decide their gestation period and date of birth. Therefore, like racism, it is the stereotyping of people based on factors which they have no control over.

  • No I do not believe in horoscopes.

    Although sometimes very close to true, most horoscopes answer with such broad answers that they can relate to almost anyone who is living a normal life on a daily basis. There are so strange and mystical things out there but horoscopes have not been proven effective enough for me to fully say they are real.

  • No, I do not believe in horoscopes.

    Horoscopes are enjoyable to read for many reasons, but to say one believed in them would imply a willingness to make decisions based on their advice. I do not believe the average person would consent to this tactic. I prefer to make decisions on reason and logic, though emotion often takes precedence.

  • No, what is there to believe in?

    Perhaps I've always just considered horoscopes to be a conversation topic and not anything based on scientific data, or I should say, sound scientific data. I hardly think most of the people who read them daily and talk about them can actually explain the reasoning behind them. It's just fun. I like to read the horoscopes on because something horrible happens to every sign, and I think theonion adequately displays the silliness of the whole thing.

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