• God is real

    I believe in intelligent design because of the odds. Let me explain, what are the odds that two particles in a universes worth of nothing collide creating a thermo-nuclear explosion that blows into place a piece of speck on a slab of rock that grows into a bacterial form eventually turning into a monkey and then a human... Isnt it easier to believe that God snapped his fingers 7 times over 7 days and the world came into place?

  • Intelligent Design is a solid principle for the existence of the Earth and all it's living creatures.

    Intelligent Design 1. The theory that life, or the universe, cannot have arisen by chance and was designed and created by some intelligent entity.

    Do not mistake this for a claim that God is real/fake, that Religion got it right/wrong or that we're going to Hell if we don't believe something. I'm agnostic: a person who believes that nothing is known or can be known of the existence or nature of God or of anything beyond material phenomena; a person who claims neither faith nor disbelief in God.

    By process of elimination and deductive reasoning alone, I understand the logic behind the existence of Intelligent Design VS the flawed Big Bang Theory and related Chaos driven theories of creationism. I offer no religious quotes, texts or faith based doctrine, only that Science proposes on several accounts that it is simply impossible for something to come from nothing, that the universe is not eternal and that it had a beginning. Onto the opposition - A skeptic or atheist is governed by two main principles: 1) all beliefs must be supported by observational evidence, and 2) beliefs that contradict observational evidence cannot be tolerated. However, strong atheism states that there is no god, even though observational evidence indicates that the universe has a cause that cannot be detected observationally. So despite the lack of observational evidence for a naturalistic cause for the universe, the strong atheist believes that the universe has a naturalistic cause and that there is no god, contradicting the tenet that all beliefs should be based upon observational evidence.

    We have come to realize that the universe first began to exist 13.8 billion years ago. Atheists are left with a dilemma, since their worldview requires that all things that begin to exist must have a cause. So, logic requires the admission that the universe had a cause. Virtually all atheists say that this cause was some natural phenomenon. It is also possible that the cause of the universe was a supernatural intelligence (i.E., God). However, there is no direct observational evidence for either belief. Those who are "strong atheists" (not working out in the gym, but having a belief that no god exists) have just violated one of the main rules of atheism - that all beliefs are based upon observational evidence. So, any atheist who denies the possible existence of God violates his own worldview.

    I'm interested to see how many people believe that the universe just created itself basically.

  • Yes, but not for the usual reasons

    Although I do believe that God designed the universe and everything in it, it isn't because of the scientific arguments that I believe in it. In fact, I'm rather ignorant of biology and can't really assess the merits of the arguments. And I'm not sure we have enough information to put much confidence is the argument from fine-tuning. However, because of Biblical revelation, I believe that God is absolutely sovereign over all things that happen in the universe, which entails that he designed the universe and all life in it. So I do believe in intelligent design in some sense.

  • I believe in intelligent design because...

    Because nature is extravagantly and overwhelmingly beautiful. Not to mention, extremely powerful and functional. Think about it. We're designed to heal when we are injured. Isn't that amazing? If my cat scratches me tomorrow, it "magically" gets better and in a month it is completely healed, maybe a scar on the surface. And, I know, there are some injuries too devastating to come back from, but....What if NONE of our injuries ever healed? Like, what if--even with casts--broken bones couldn't heal? Then it would be easier for me to believe this world is here by chance. And I know, things aren't perfect and we live on a hybrid planet (both euphoric and dystopic). But our bodies are sophisticated, intricate machines. Another thing:simple things give so much pleasure: sex is so very fun, dogs are awesome, a mother experiences unexplainable JOY when she sees her little baby giggle...Food is delicious and there's such a variety. Not to mention, there is so much nutrition in our sustenance. What if there was no food for us to eat and we were just here, but there was no food so our species just died after a week? Gravity and rotation keep us grounded, level, etc. Oxygen keeps us alive. And I want to point out, these aren't my only reasons, I am saying all these things off the cuff and you probably think I'm an uneducated dumb ass. And don't you dare insult my grammar. I am on my tablet and it would take too damn long to edit this thing. I never said I didn't believe in evolution, I do! But I think the creator--whoever they are--used evolution to create the universe into existence. The fact that we are able to not only survive, but thrive is a miracle. I'm not saying this mysterious God is all powerful, all knowing, all present, all good. I'm just saying, its too hard to believe we've been entrusted to take care of this awesome world for no reason. And this creator guy/girl/being is at the very least intelligent.

  • Without a shadow of a doubt.

    1) All the different prophecies in the Old Testament were fulfilled in the new testament. This to me proves the bible to be true and accurate. If you look at history, everything lines up with what the bible says, there are no flaws. Now if the bible is true, this means two things. 1- God created the world and not a big bang that happened out of nothing. And 2- Jesus is the Son of God.

    Even if there was no bible to support my conclusion, I would still firmly believe that there is a God. Everything in this life points to there being a creator. The complexity of this life could not have happened by an accident.. Take the human body for instance, it needs each part in order to survive. Or how our universe works.. If the earth were any closer to the sun we would all burn to death and if it were any farther we would all freeze to death. How could that have happened by an accident?

    How about good morals, where does that come from? And what is the purpose of it? If we were all created from a big bang on accident, why does it matter how we live? Where does our sense of morality come from? I could go commit murder and who really cares? If evolution is true, there is nobody to answer to..

    1. There is a universal Moral Law.

    2. If there is a universal Moral Law, there is a Moral Law-giver.

    3. If there is a Moral Law-giver, it must be something beyond the universe.

    4. Therefore, there is something beyond the universe.

  • Chance or Intelligence?

    A bees brain. Chance or Intelligence?
    A powerful man made human computer can perform 16 billion calculations per second.
    A bee's brain which is the size of a sesame seed, can perform over a trillion calculations per second! Is this an accident?
    Has this Intelligence that made this bee brain communicated with humans. Yes. It is the Quran. After much research I discovered that it is the unadulterated perfect communication from that Being (God) who created the universe. Don't take my word for it. Verify it for yourself!

  • Yes, because of probability.

    It's hard to imagine one improbable event occurring. But that's far more likely than the vast amount of improbable events needed to create the universe as it is today (according to the theory of evolution).
    So what if, by chance, an incredibly intelligent being popped into existence. That's the one improbable event. Now he, using intelligent design, is able to create and iteratively change and develop the universe. That is far more likely than the random evolution of all things to come into existence.
    We can see miniscule changes in microorganisms (similar to differences between siblings, cousins, etc) but these aren't anything compared to the huge changes that occurred in a relatively small time frame of when life first appeared until now.
    And even subtle changes in an organisms will more often result in the inability to mate and function.
    I don't think there were enough chances and time for all these improbable things to occur. But one improbable thing, that many call God, is reasonable. He doesn't have to be anything more that the original creator.

  • Absolutly not a chance

    Before spouting off about how the universe cant come from nothing, and how small of a chance we are to happen please do some research. There are infinite universes, which means no matter how small the chance is that we exists it will still happen an infinite number of times. This is called string theory. As for the universe coming for nothing, this would take forever to explain. But there are theories involving anti matter and matter that theortically would work

  • Also known as creationism

    All complex life on earth has developed from simpler life-forms over billions of years. This is a fact that no longer admits of intelligent dispute. The phrase "the theory of evolution" does not in the least suggest that evolution is not a fact. Any intellectually honest person will admit that he does not know why the universe exists. Scientists, of course, readily admit there ignorance on this point. Religious believers do not. Wish full thinking will not make it true, and the great thing about science is its true whether you believe in it or not.

  • People are intelligent

    No, because a design can only be advance not intelligent. The person who created the design is intelligent. Inanimate objects don't have a brain so they have no way of knowing things unless you program it into them. There is no way that a design can be intelligent because if nothing is done to it by a person who knows what they are doing then it will not have an advanced design.

  • Ha ha ha!!!

    Nope. I used to when I was a Christian- Know that I'm an atheist I believe in a multiverse. God is not the only explanation for the universe- There are to s of other options as well. Remember, god was made when humans had not even a clue about the world around us. We should give up said myths.

  • More like unintelligent design.

    First of all no matter what it's advocates say; Intelligent design is NOT scientific. Second; there is no point in adding a designer to scientific theories when they can explain things fine naturally. Finally many animals exhibit vestigial structures; structures which have no function. Some examples are wisdom teeth and leg bones in whales. Why would any intelligent designer add non-functional structures (and in the case of wisdom teeth) harmful structures. That's like an architect giving a house a stationary 2 ton elevator it can't support.

  • There Is No Genuine Evidence for I.D. (Creationism), Courts Have Determined This Also.

    Intelligent Design is a misconception based on theology, not science.
    There is absolutely nothing in Intelligent Design that is supported by genuine scientific evidence.
    Since I'm a person of Science, I cannot possibly believe in any of it.
    ID is Unsubstantiated by reality.
    It is just completely and utterly Wrong!

  • It's amusing that many advocates of intelligent design fail to acknowledge the most intelligent design, evolution, i.e. nature.

    But that is simply one among many contradictory caveats.

    I vote no because it is absolutely a broken assumption. If you're arguing from design, you're probably either arguing from ignorance/gaps in our knowledge, which is insufficient for proof; arguing from complexity, which is insufficient because complexity and order can be witnessed in systems which are clearly not designed, such as the formation of snowflakes or deliberately designed chaotic systems; and half the time you're shooting yourself in the foot because if the universe were designed perfectly, why, then, would there be need for prayer, or miracles, or any sort of Godly intervention as documented in the Book? It all self-defeats.

  • Consider the anthropic principle

    The anthropic principle is the consideration that we observe the Universe as the way it is because the conditions in the Universe are able to allow intelligent life to exist, and therefor observe it. There is a very fine limiting set of parameters as to what properties the Universe has in order for it to sustain intelligent life. If these parameters are not met, then no intelligent life develops to observe the Universe. If they are met, than intelligent life evolves and observes the Universe and finds itself wondering how the Universe has the perfect conditions to support life. In short, if the Universe could not support intelligent life, then we could not marvel at how the Universe is perfect that it appears to have been designed by a sentient creator, as we would not exist! Although the anthropic principle cannot be proven, neither can intelligent design. The anthropic principle, however, is more logical to me than intelligent design is.

  • Um let's go down the list shall we

    Men's testicles are some of the most vulnerable parts of our bodies, we use the same tube to eat and drink and talk and breathe, ostriches have useless wings, whales have useless leg bones, cell division and the reading of DNA is flawed as birth defects are possible, we're warm blooded so we need food constantly, natural disasters exist, most planetary rotations are unstable, all life can't survive in all possible areas (i.E. Humans can't breath underwater and fish can't swim through the sky), most organisms are vulnerable to serious injury due to our squishy exterior, mental illness is a reality, men have completely useless nipples, childbirth can be deadly, and our sun will turn into a red giant and engulf the planet in about 5 billion years just to name a few.

  • I hope not

    If a being created all of this and we have to live for eternity with him then we are screwed and we are no better off than slaves. I wouldnt want to spend eternity with a god who would put us here to be slaves etc. and set up our nervous system in a way that will make us feel extreme amounts of pain when the inevitable happens. With an all powerful god there isnt evil or people suffering from evil unless he wants them to and since we didnt exist before this we dont deserve to suffer from evil so this would make god evil.

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DudeStop says2014-01-09T02:04:02.527
Wow the atheists are really dominating this poll...
Sagey says2014-01-09T21:06:09.007
Wrong DudeStop: Most Christians don't follow ID either, in fact most of the Scientists believing in and working in the fields of Evolution were Christians only ten years ago. Secularism is creeping in and many of those are now agnostic, but the majority of people working with Evolution are now Agnostic, but it is still true that most Christians support Evolution.
Evolution is the undisputed choice for the Catholic Church as denoted by their Pope. So Catholics are by decree, Evolutionists.
The support for ID is only from Naive Christians and Muslims, no body of real Knowledge supports it.
Sagey says2014-01-09T21:12:30.410
BTW: I 4got, ID has nothing to do with Christianity, as it came from the Old Testament, or Judaism, Christianity came from Jesus and Jesus did not teach ID so Christians don't need to believe in it. Since Jewish researchers have now deemed the Old Testament as Fraudulent, like Moses did not exist and the Exodus never happened, the Old Testament is no longer Valid and should be Removed as a Historical Document.
Thus The Old Testament does not deserve to be Upheld, and Christians are Right in Ignoring It. ID died with the destruction of the Old Testament. Simple Isn't it??
DudeStop says2014-01-09T21:13:06.757
Oh really? Because everyone who has said no is an atheist...
Sagey says2014-01-09T21:44:23.470
True: you are correct there so I take some of my comment back: I didn't check on their profile as you had. Sorry about that DudeStop.
I worked in Evolution here and most of my scientific buddies who are staunch Evolutionists are Christians.
Debate.Org is not a real sample of society, so I am only making a generalized comment about support for ID.
Which lacks support in the majority of Christians, especially those with a good knowledge of science.
In Zoology and Biology there are many flaws in such designs as I have stated previously, vestigial organs, such as dew claws on dogs, wisdom teeth in humans, front limbs (arms) on birds like Ostriches and many other examples, too numerous to mention here, demonstrate that if there was such a Designer, the Designer Failed Design School, or is a complete Dunce.

Though if our Wisdom Teeth were useful as they are in some Apes that we evolved with, we would not have our intelligence, since the lack of muscle strength in the rear jaw allowed the skull to expand and make room for a bigger brain. Thus our greater intellect is also a result of loss of jaw strength. BTW: Ostriches are still Velociraptors, Just as we are still Apes. Velociraptors had Feathers, it has been proven so.
So Jurassic Park is still alive. :-D~
Sagey says2014-01-14T23:44:47.367
Actually, If anybody wanted to be Pedantic about it: "Intelligent Design" does exist, we are intelligent and much of what humans have designed is "Intelligent Design". So I'm actually wrong in stating there is no such thing as "Intelligent Design". :-D~
Sagey says2014-01-14T23:53:32.337
Though cbcullen84, is also Wrong, in that Atheists don't believe everything has a Cause, because that is a Theological argument and not a Philosophical truism. Atheists also believe that there is no such thing as a cause to the universe, and that everything is random, without any defined universal pattern of design.
Atheists believe in the full range of ideas, not just any single set of beliefs as cbcullen84 tries to convey.
It is Theists that are always pushing the "Everything must have a Cause" argument, because it suits their Theology.
Theists narrow World-View, cannot cope with the full range of Atheistic concepts, which covers every possible concept ever imagined.
That is Every possible concept, Except the existence of a Cosmic Designer Deity.
There are no other limits to Atheistic Philosophies.
Only Theistic Theology (errant philosophy) is extremely limited and a refined, narrow world view.
Sagey says2014-01-15T11:47:54.047
The Big Bang Theory was invented by a Belgium Catholic Priest (Monsignor Lamaitre) in 1933, where he expounded his concepts in a conference and he was heartily applauded by Albert Einstein, who admired his mathematical work, since he was also a professor in physics.
The Big Bang is a Catholic Theory, not an Atheist Theory.
Those attacking Big Bang as if has something to do with Atheism are stupidly mistaken.
Sagey says2014-01-15T11:56:34.847
I suppose that is also why the Catholic church supports Evolution, because it continues on from their own Big Bang Theory. At least the Catholic church is more rational in scientific fields, as are the traditional Protestant Christians. It's only the Modern Christian religions, those started since the mid 1800s that have gotten science so Wrong.
Maybe there was some strange forces in nature that removed the intelligence from modern Christians, leaving them less intelligent than the traditional Christians when it comes to science and logic.
The Catholic church may have numerous faults, but they are scientifically more intelligent than modern Christian movements like the Young Earth Creationists and their I.D. Twins.