• Yes i believe in Jesus Christ, my savior

    I have seen the miracles that he has done. Prayer is so powerful and needs to be reflected in our daily lives. Look at he magnificent world we live in . God is around us. Nothing is impossible with God , Faith can move mountains. Mathew 17:20; 16 and the most famous verse of all John 3:16 For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.

  • Yes

    Personally, I believe Jesus is who He said He was. Even though the only evidence He claimed to be divinity is in the Bible, I think the Bible has proven to be very reliable, as is shown in Archaeology and the Bible. As for rising from the dead, the only way to confirm that is believing the Bible. Those who believe the Bible believe it happened, those who don't don't believe it happened.

  • He makes sense.

    As I've grown older religion makes less and less sense to me; hell it outright disgusts me. Christianity in the United States is a strange mistress, and it isn't at all pleasant, Christians pick up certain causes and press them like they're the difference between heaven and hell; yet they're also content to just sweep other issues under the rug.
    I could rant forever about how screwed up Christianity is, but Jesus? He makes sense. I believe in him, and I know he loves me.

  • YES!!

    I believe that Jesus walked this earth, that He died for my sins, and that he rose again on the third day. I also believe that He sits in heaven with God and we will see Him some day. I do believe He was and is God's son and that He was sent to this earth to save us.

  • Faith.

    I do believe in Jesus and that he is the son of God. We are blessed each and every day and that is not just a result of luck. Someone is looking out for us through our trials and struggles with every day life, if we want to know why things happen, we just need to look towards our faith.

  • Yes, I believe in jesus.

    Of course! Yes, I do believe in jesus! Who wouldn't? I have been a christian my whole life and that is not going to change. He is my lord and saver. I go to church to learn about him and his ways. I hope to one day meet him. I will always believe he is the highest of the highest.

  • I love Jesus...

    Jesus is my everything, each day, i open my bible and stroke is lucsious locks and think "What if?". I imagine seeing him once i climb the 1000 steps to heaven, bouncing on clouds with angels. Who could not believe in him? He is my saving grace. I believe i once had a true spiritual connection once when i was at home in my bed.... SCREW YOU DEVIL!!!!

  • I don't believe in a god.

    A person, who is 3 people, but at the same time not, could heal people of their illnesses with his touch, give the blind sight with his saliva, walk on water, turn water into wine, knows how they are going to die, and come back to life, and fly into heaven sounds far too good to be true. Plus this is the same story as Orion.

  • No

    As a person, yes I believe in jesus, as in he was a living person at one time. I do not however believe that he was the son of God. I do not believe he performed all the miracles the bible claims he did, etc. I believe that the bible was written by man, who were followers of jesus, and of course, made him look good. I think he did a great job of convincing a lot of people but am not convinced myself.

  • No I'm a pagan

    While it I certainly documented a Jewish carpenter with the (extreamly common) name Jesus was opperating as a prophet amongst the Jews in Judea, and was crucified for fear he may incite a Jewish rebelion, I do not believe he resurrected and is the one son of the one god. He does not even meet the Jews own criteria for identifying the messiah.

  • Jesus existed, miracles he claimed nearly certainly did not.

    There is no way to prove any of the miracles Jesus performed and as such we can not "believe" in him as any kind of man-god that was sent down from a supposed all powerful god to die for our sins. Frankly there is just no evidence to support it and the debate about it grows old. It seems to me that religious belief must be genetic or a wiring of the brain. If my hypothesis turns out to be true then we should be less concerned about a fair debate with the religious who spread prejudice and just accept that their brains are incapable of making rational decisions about morality. And if that is the case their "opinions" should be ignored and excluded.

  • Not the Jesus that performed miracles and rose from the dead, no.

    Obviously there have been men with that name, and the Jesus of the Bible is likely to have EXISTED, but only as a mortal teacher. Every miracle surrounding him is, I believe false. He was not the "Son of God," nor was his mother a virgin. He did not perform miracles, and he did not arise from the dead. He is now dead, and no longer conscious in any way, shape or form. He was just another human who was lucky enough to have an entire religion structured around him.

  • Im going to say no because

    I;m not sure what you mean by asking if I believe in him. I believe that there was a man named Jesus who walked the earth. And that he may have been a great, wise and kind person. Who taught very valuable lessons. Lessons we ALL can learn from. But do I believe he is God or the son of God, no.

  • Nope.

    Rather, I believe in "Mark", a failed author who decided that in his failure to market his Greek Jewish tragedy, he we went down the road a bit and marketed it as fact, claiming that certain reports of "messiah" miracles were really the character in his crappy book. It took off, and WHAM, instant cult. Then later on some guy named Saul, a pharisee, got Ergot poisoning, was thusly "struck down" on the road and spent the next day or two tripping balls. His hallucinations were probably affected by deep seated guilt over hunting and torturing and killing cultists, and one of the previously mentioned cultists found and convinced him that his hallucination was a message from God to cut that crap out. The honesty of his account of hallucination was enough to establish him as an "authority", and in this way he brought his traditional Jewish views on gender and sexual morality to the budding cult.

  • Not given enough reason to

    Perhaps as a potential historical figure, an eccentric rabbi with a strong following that grew in size and mythology after he died, but as a figure that lives up to the mythology? Not so much. It seems kind of silly to say that the stories of the greek gods were simple superstition, that the norse beliefs were backward and just incorrect, and then say 'yeah, the rib woman and the vicarious human sacrifice and miraculous healings with the virgin birth and whatnot, totally makes sense'.

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