• I believe in luck

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  • I believe in luck

    All my life I've believed in luck; my mum brought me up that way. Every thing I've done in the past which I believe is lucky had been in my favour and every unlucky thing I've done has not been good, so I guess it's just the way you look at life

  • Yes It Does.

    I would like to say that luck is just another term for God's plan. However, this doesn't implies that we shouldn't believe in God's existence. We know that our life is filled of ups and downs, maybe our God is trying to help us by giving us miracle or whatever-called luck during our predicaments and circumstances in our life.

  • Yes, I believe in luck.

    I believe in luck. To me luck is simply having a statistic work in your favor on a certain occasion. For instance, when you roll a die you have six possible outcomes. If one desired outcome is the most favorable and you get it, then you are lucky. This is because you have beaten the statistics on this one roll.

  • It's kind of a positive thinking

    I truly believe in Luck. But to have it I believe you have to believe in it if you think you are unlucky than you will be if you think you are lucky than you will be.

    I believe the mind is a very powerful thing.

    I also believe in four leaf clovers, I have a lucky marble that was given to me by an older gentleman one day I was at work he asked for directions I gave them to him and he started to leave then he turned around came back and handed me a marble that looks like the world it is blue and has gold on it. He said that it would bring me luck if I kept it with me at all times. I have had it for about 8 years. I also have a stone in the shape of a heart my son gave me he too told me it was lucky I keep it also. I did have a four leaf clover but it got old and broke I need to find a knew one this summer. Any how in my opinion yes it is real. I also believe in Friday the 13th being bad luck I usually don't do anything on that day I try and just stay home.

  • It doesn't make sense

    Everything that happens is either correlation or a coincidence. Things don't just happen because you get informed. To believe in luck is to sorta believe in knowing the future and no one can know the future when anything anyone ever has to say about it is nothing more than assumptions.

  • Luck is non existent!

    I don't believe in luck because it makes you feel like you are depending on something in order to get a good outcome. This means that the only way I would get a good outcome of something I have to depend on luck for it to happen. I dislike it when people wish me luck, I rather people wish me the best!

  • No such thing

    I believe that everything happens for a reason. I believe in God. God makes everything reasonable. People who believe in luck will fall short of living God's perfect life. I know everyone is not perfect but don't believe in a lucky horseshoe. That is why I do not believe in luck.

  • Luck and Chance Misguide Us to Our True Potential

    Luck and chance are illusions of how the mind controls what surrounds us. People think that the mind is "readable," as though our thoughts are etched into the inside of our skulls, but that is completely false. The mind is a complex instrument, and the power of this simple muscle affects the entire world and what happens to us. Luck is a uneducated way of explaining how this works.
    Our minds are guided by thoughts. Many a scholar in psychology has said that "Thoughts lead to words. Words lead to actions. Actions lead to habits. Habits build your character. Character defines you." This means that for you to believe you are "lucky," or have "good fortune," you're controlling the situation around you by a misconception. Being lucky is a frame of mind, because if we believe we are fortunate, we will be. Luck is non-existent. We make our lives what they are. If you make good choices, good things come of it. The real secret is that we shape what happens to us. Take this as an example: When you go get your mail, and you're expecting bills, paperwork, late payment notices, Child support expenses, loan settlements, and such, then that is what you will find, because you shape your life. If you expect returns on investments, tax returns, letters from your pen pal, birthday cards, and so on, then that's what you'll receive. Of course, it's not an overnight occurrence, but luck is an illusion.

  • Fortunate coincidences and probability

    This is just another case of people trying to find meaning where there is none. Sometimes events happen that turn out favorably, other times not. It's just the way things work out when many people and situations interact. You can certainly do things to optimize your chances of things turning out well for you, but that is just playing the system. Luck is more of a term most people use to describe when a situation that could have gone either way, works out well for them

  • This isn't A poll?

    I might actually have to answer here then: I have to say, what we call luck, Can also be called Chaos Theory working it's magic(Or at least I think it's chaos theory that says this). In short, we cannot fully comprehend the future consequences of our present actions. So if you want to call luck Chaos, then May Discordia Smile on you. Chaos theory makes all consequences explainable, and thus explains the phenomena of "luck"

  • No such thing

    People should not believe in it god makes every thing happen God is good people might say you have good luck but that's a saying so no I don't believe in luck if you have a problem with that deal with It because luck is not real so no don't

  • No such thing

    There is no such thing as luck you probably have something good in your life happen but that docent matter it's not luck God makes good things happen and so do people but whatever happens there is no luck, luck is not real people might say you have good luck but that doesn't matter.

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