• I do believe in mermaids

    95 percent of the ocean on planet earth has not yet been discovered. That means that there is enough room for undiscovered mermaids to roam around. Also, What person would come up with a half fish half human creature and say its ancient? That's why I do believe in mermaids.

  • I do not believe in mermaids

    A person has never seen me nor will they ever see me because I live deep in the ocean and I will never appear in front of a human right now I'm riding with the dolphins I love mermaids if I'm on the no I don't believe section I do believe in mermaids I love mermaids they're the greatest sea creature ever they are the awesomest person ever cuz they have a tail and it's cool to see the tails on pictures and they are real that I know she's fisherman have never seen them before and my tail makes me swim so fast I swim so fast and I have golden hair and my color eye color is brown my teeth are so shiny you know you that you're talking to a mermaid right now it's really cool right I don't know how I have a phone but I have a phone I found it on the rocks someone left I don't even know how I know that is called a phone but it says it on the back of the phone I was spying on that human I wish I can grow some feet I would love legs and I won't have any dress so I would need address I bet that human left address for me what days are we even know about me cuz I was Secret in disguise

  • They don't have to be exactly like us!

    Many tales are told about these fancy, cute and perfect mermaids for little girls, that people are forgetting that mermaids don't have to be like that! For all we know they could be real, but have a slight similarity to our kind. They could be either smarter than us (and maybe that's why they managed to hide away from us for such a long time) or just an animal, predator, like for e.g. a shark.

  • Like 96% of the sea is unknown

    John smith seen a women in the water with green hair and a tail so i say that mermaids are real would he lie about that pfft No so duh not being mean but i mean we have our own stories so keep it to yourself but they are real

  • I think it's possible

    Considering that we have only explored like 5% of the ocean, I do think it's possible. There are many sea creatures that we have yet to discover. I do not think it would look like how most of us imagine them, like Ariel, but it could look similar to it. Even if they did not exist, we very well could discover a sea creature that looks similar to it.

  • I think they can exist

    Why? Becauce just look at fact, theres evuliution! What is humans back to sea? Its posible, for fast swimming they grow tails. So... Very posibly that they can exist. Sea is big theres lot of secrets, we only now about 15% creatures of the sea.

    Science. You don't know that it's all it's made out to be. We thought the world was flat. And we also think that mermaids aren't real.

  • Why I think I believe

    I believe in mermaids because I would love to live in the water but also live on land and I would like to be one and I would love to swim in the oceans and that I have a tail to back me up and I have powers so that's why i believe. I love them and I think they are real.

  • You Never Know

    No one will ever know. Unless we suddenly become mermaids. Welp, then we'll know they're real, right? I've always believed in what others call fairy tales, because that is my lifeline. Just because there are disbelievers, and 'scientific proof', no one will ever truly think their real. Besides some.

    Science. You don't know that it's all it's made out to be. We thought the world was flat. And we also think that mermaids aren't real.

  • We don't know

    Just think about it. We've only explored 95% of the ocean, seen only a small fraction of sea creatures. There could be anything down there, from mermaids to the lochness monster! Also, there are a lot of sightings that cannot be explained by manatees or hoaxes. I refuse to believe that mermaids aren't real until there is proof that there isn't.

  • The ocean is the biggest place on earth. You never know what u will find

    Only about 10% of sea creatures are known to man, and the rest is unknown, I don't have a problem believing in mermaids, no one can say than do or don't exist. There's a big ocean out there and there are many places for them to hide!! Plus, you never know what you will find out there

  • Are you serious?

    The irony of this question is that a type of mermaid, Called the Fiji Mermaid, Has already been proven a hoax. And as for the ones like the Little Mermaid only got a two out of five likelihood of existing (one is hoax, Two is leaning towards hoax, Three is on the fence, Four is leaning towards real, Five is real. )

  • No, but it would be cool if they were real.

    While I do not believe in mermaids for the simple fact that we have never found one, it would be absolutely amazing if they were real. An Ariel style person fish popping out of the ocean to sing a song of her people is something that every person would love to see.

  • No one has managed to produce any real evidence.

    I do not believe in mermaids. I think that if mermaids existed, someone would have photographed, or filmed one by now, especially as historically they seemed to make themselves visible to sailors on a regular basis. I think in the past, sailors used to confuse normal sea creatures as being mermaids.

  • I do not believe in mermaids.

    I do not believe in mermaids. I think that mermaids are just like any other fairy tale that children are lead to believe in. I think that Disney was the ones that invented the mermaid and bought them to life for children to enjoy but I do not personally believe in them.

  • No I Do Not

    I believe there are many different things in the oceans that we have yet to discover, but I do not believe in mermaids. If a mermaid like fish lives in the ocean it is unlikely to be as we envision them and they certainly would not be half human. Mermaids are from stories, literature, and tales.

  • Physically impossible for them to exist.

    There is no evidence to support them. And they can't exist a mermaid is a half human half fish creature with the top half human and the bottom half fish tail. But if the top half were to be human then it would get crushed by the weight instantly unless it had developed bones to support the weight of the sea. Then there wouldn't be enough space for organs in the upper body. Then even after that the eating system wouldn't work because if they ate and used the energy to move the waste products would then not be able to be excreted since the bottom half would be fish and wouldn't have the necessary organs to do that, so a mermaid couldn't work unless the top half was something other than human but then it wouldn't be a mermaid so they can't exist.

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