• Our lord is real

    I cant you people dont belvie in our lord I cant belive it.Think about it you monsters without our lord there would be christ without our lord there would be no humanity no life no fire our supplies we use were all created by our lord so you dont belive but I do

  • I used to

    I once believed all the pretty stories of the Bible like a naive child but I woke up and started thinking and it didn’t make sense other than metaphorically to take literally is ridiculous and a lot of it is taken out of context for the benefit of the believers conveniently I refuse to condemn myself I believe in me I’m here. I’ve never met Jesus or any other person nor was I there in those times to say most certainly it’s all the Truth words of god I’d be a liar to say so

  • No. I have only hatred for God.

    I have hatred for a God that uses lies, racism, inequality, injustice, perversity, war, and diversity to bring order a worthless and crappy world. I have no faith in God to make the world good. He is not good. He is evil. My only hope is that humans and intelligent life will disappoint him for as long as he lives! May the God of this universe never find peace, and beg instead for a hasty death!!!

  • The bible is contradicting and is very misleading

    It is based on supposed second hand accounts and commands people to kill when it is a "sin" to kill anyone. Also says to stone anyone who has sex before marriage...Looks like our population is going down dramatically since saving sex until marriage is uncommon in teen and young children today.

  • No, I respect those who do, but I do not

    The fossils and rocks that are billions of years old, are too old to fit the standards that the bible has. And, why do we believe what a group of old white guys have written? There is absolutely no evidence proving that a God of any kind is real. Yet there is an abundant amount of evidence supporting Darwin.

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